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Hall of Fame

Below you will find a listing of all of the previous inductees of the ALC Athletic Hall of Fame. Please click on their names to learn more about their athletic career. (Please note, those inducted prior to 2005 have no biographical information at this time.) 

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Kerry Hill1988Basketball2016
Gemma Gray-Parks2012Basketball2017
Tommy McKenzie2004Basketball2017
Bree Frazier-Cook2012Basketball2018
JR Hammond1996Basketball2018
Ervin Stepp1985Basketball2018
Jeremy Osborne2001Basketball2019
Kaylan Richardson Centers2009Basketball2019
Jack Calhoun1992Baseball2011
Bob Braden1987Baseball2003
Doug Coots1986Baseball2008
Scott Cornett1989Baseball2003
Jamie Couch1995Baseball2005
Jeff Humphrey1984Baseball2006
Randy King1987Baseball2004
Danny Rice1988Baseball2004
Kenneth W. Sexton2004Baseball2009
Todd Stevens1994Baseball2005
Cavanaugh Trent1999Baseball2007
David Vicini1984Baseball2006
Nehi West1991Baseball2005
Jeff Lovely1993Baseball2012
Jon Jett1994Baseball2012
Jerry Nantz1995Baseball2013
Steve Miller1991Baseball2014
Jason Smith2006Baseball2015
Douglas Clark2003Baseball2016
Bobby Dustin Ratliff2003Baseball2017
Lamar Williams2009Baseball2018
David Hatfield2007Baseball2019
Darla Anderson-Whitehead1994Cross Country2004
Neil Patton1984Tennis2007
Robert Wright1990Tennis2014
Bill Melton0Coach2004
Jim Stepp0Coach2004
Joe Stepp0Coach2004
Charlie Whitaker1951Coach2003
Elmer Slone1977Coach2012
Julian Deaton0Coach2016
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