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Visit Alice Lloyd College

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You are as welcome as the flowers in May!June Buchanan, Co-Founder

Visitors are always welcome on Caney Creek!

Visitors to our campus will find easy access to our Guest Parking Area and should feel free to make their way to the June Buchanan Alumni Center (located directly across the street from the Guest Parking Area) for guidance and information. Please be advised that the speed limit through our campus is 10 m.p.h. and that traffic will be one-way all day, Monday through Friday. If spaces are not available in the Guest Parking Area, please visit the Pippa Passes Police Department (located on campus near Carrick Dorm) for a temporary parking sticker to avoid being ticketed.

Alice Lloyd College is located in Pippa Passes, which is in Knott County, Kentucky. Pippa Passes (so named by Alice Lloyd and June Buchanan after Robert Browning’s dramatic poem of the same name) is about 150 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky, and 120 miles southwest of Huntington, West Virginia. The campus is about ten miles off Highway 80, between Hazard and Prestonsburg. Pippa Passes is very near Hindman, KY, which has a rich tradition in the arts and has become a haven for artists from all over Appalachia with its Appalachian Artisan Center and the Hindman Settlement School. Pulitzer-prize winning author James Still, poet Albert Stewart, and much-beloved writer Verna Mae Slone all made their home in Knott County.

The ALC campus, which occupies land on both sides of peaceful Caney Creek, is unique among institutions of higher learning. Steep, wooded mountains rise from the creek and much of the 225-acre campus includes mountain slopes with many buildings set into the hillsides. Some buildings are early student-built wood and stone structures. Most have been renovated to provide modern functional interiors. Other facilities are modern stone and wooden structures whose architecture blends harmoniously with the rest of the campus.

Mountain ranges surrounding the College provide sensational beauty, especially in the spring and autumn. Outstanding recreational sites have been developed within a 50-mile radius of the College: Daniel Boone National Forest, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, Jenny Wiley and Kingdom Come State Parks, as well as several community parks. The Carr Fork Lake was completed and opened to the public in 1976. Located only twelve miles from the College, opportunities are provided for boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming, and other types of outdoor recreation.

Ways to Visit

The view from High Rocks, located above the ALC campus.

 The year’s at the spring,
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hillside’s dew-pearled;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn:
God’s in his heaven —
All’s right with the world!

—- Robert Browning, “Pippa’s Song” from Pippa Passes

Please be aware that the Alice Lloyd College campus is hilly, therefore, visitors will encounter steep inclines, steps (especially to Lilly Memorial Hall), and areas where walking uphill will be necessary. Such areas will not be accessible to visitors with disabilities.

Select the category that best applies to you for helpful details on visiting our campus.

Prospective Students

Prospective students and their families are strongly encouraged to visit ALC. Outdoor walking tours of campus are provided by the Alice Lloyd Admissions Department. These tours provide an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the College’s unique Appalachian setting, along with its people and campus facilities. It is important that prospective students call ahead and schedule their visit with Alice Lloyd’s Admissions Office so that we can set up a visit tailored to the student’s particular interests and needs. For more information about scheduling a visit to campus, please visit this page.

To schedule a visit, please contact:

Office of AdmissionsPhone: (606) 368-6146E-mail:



Our alumni are always welcome on campus! We enjoy seeing former students and learning more about their successes. We do not require alumni members to schedule a visit, but they can do so if they feel it is necessary. Just dropping in is perfectly fine with us! Our Office of Alumni Relations will be happy to answer your questions, show you the changes taking place at Alice Lloyd, and provide you with updates and informative materials. It’s entirely up to you — you can stroll through our scenic campus, grab a bite of lunch in the Hunger Din, reminisce with our friendly staff, and even spend the night in one of our guest houses, if you so desire and the space is available.

Groups of alumni who wish to visit campus might want to call ahead so that we can be sure to pack the most into your visiting day.

The Office of Alumni Relations is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM. When you arrive on campus, make your way there for everything you will need. We want our alumni to visit soon and often. We look forward to seeing you again!

Questions? Please contact:

Teresa Grender, Director of Alumni RelationsPhone: (606) 368-6044E-mail:

Donors & Individuals


Whether you have been a donor for years or are just beginning to give, a visit to our campus will be worth your time. Individuals who are prospective donors or who are simply curious about the College will certainly also benefit from a trip to Pippa Passes. Visiting campus offers dialogue with students, faculty and staff, meals with the student body, and a night’s stay in one of the campus’ historic dwellings, all with no cost to you. No matter the season, a trip to Pippa Passes will be sure to bring adventure and enjoyment.

Words and photographs can never communicate the uniqueness of Alice Lloyd College and the magnificent beauty of the eastern Kentucky mountains the way a personal visit can. If you ever have the opportunity to come to Kentucky, or if you just want to plan a trip dedicated to seeing our campus firsthand, please call ahead and let us know you are coming. We will put together a special itinerary just for you, including any of the following:

Guided Tour of Campus—One of our staff members will take you on a walking tour of campus where you can see both historical and contemporary facilities, visit our bookstore for a souvenir, enjoy a meal in our cafeteria or simply sit on an outdoor bench and enjoy the peaceful, slow-paced, small-college atmosphere.


HUNGER DIN(named for Kipling’s poem “Gunga Din”)is available to visitors during open hours.

MISS IRMA’S CAFÉ(named for our campus grandmother, Irma Stepp)is available for short orders and specialty coffees.

*Please note that these facilities have limited schedules on weekends and during summers; however, there are a few restaurants in Hindman, Kentucky, a few miles from campus. Visitors are also welcome to prepare food in the guest houses.

Miracle on Caney Creek Video—Enjoy a 30-minute video about the College, its founders, and its students in the “Founder’s Room” amidst antiques, relics, and College memorabilia.

Driving Tour of the Community—See Pippa Passes up close — the hills, hollows, creeks, flora and fauna — and meet some local residents, if desired.

Student Panel—Meet some of our students and hear about their dreams and goals.

Guest Lodging in “Miss June’s House” or “IF” Guest Houses—Overnight housing is available upon request and availability, so call ahead.

Guest Houses Collage

  • Miss June’s Guest House – former home of ALC co-founder, June Buchanan: two-bedroom home complete with living room, kitchen, and bath on a street-level setting with handicapped parking available.
  • “IF” Apartments – named for Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “IF”: “IF” upstairs has a living room, kitchen, bath, and a spacious bedroom with two queen beds. “IF” downstairs is one room with a queen bed, microwave and refrigerator. “IF” is located on the hill above campus and requires climbing several steps.

Meet the President—President Stepp enjoys meeting our guests, so be sure to ask if he is on campus when you arrive.

To set up your campus visit, please contact:

Daisha Little, Secretary to the PresidentPhone: (606) 368-6027E-mail:

Mrs. Little will be happy to arrange guest housing for you and/or arrange a meeting with the president.

Allison Southard, Director of DevelopmentPhone: (606) 368-6024E-mail:

Dr. Southard will assist you in arranging a tour of campus and/or the local community, meeting students and eating meals on campus.

Getting to our campus is half the fun! First of all, do not rely on your GPS. We are an easily accessible campus, but finding us can prove to be a challenge for many visitors. Please refer to the Google Maps embedded below to find the best driving route. If needed, we will be glad to send you the best driving instructions or guide you in from a nearby town or city.

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Until you have a chance to come for a personal visit, you might want to take our “virtual tour” below.


Alice Lloyd College’s campus is unique among institutions of higher learning. It occupies land on both sides of the usually quiet-flowing Caney Creek. Steep wooded mountains rise from the creek, and much of the 175-acre campus rambles along the mountain’s edge, with many buildings actually set into hillsides. The total effect is a naturally beautiful campus in the heart of Appalachia. The map below will help you get oriented once you arrive on campus. To enlarge the map, simply click on the image.