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ALC’s Tuition Guarantee

Appalachian Leaders Scholarship

According to U.S. News and World Report, the average cost of tuition and fees for private institutions in the United States is $39,000. However, at Alice Lloyd College the out-of-pocket cost of tuition is $0 for students originating from our service area.

Alice Lloyd College is committed to providing a quality education to mountain students regardless of their financial situation. Alice Lloyd is one of a select number of schools in the country that offers programs specifically designed to help students cut down on debt. In fact, Alice Lloyd is consistently listed among the nation’s leaders in graduating students with the least amount of average debt. Having been founded as “a college for Appalachia,” every qualified student from ALC’s 108-county service area is awarded the Appalachian Leaders Scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition for up to 10 semesters.

However, getting your education at Alice Lloyd College is not free. The College must rely on various sources to meet financial obligations, and students contribute through work performance. Alice Lloyd College is one of only ten work colleges in the nation. The Student Work Program enhances the educational experience and promotes service to the campus community while enabling students to help “pay their own way.” Various student aid grants such as Pell, KTG, KEES, etc., which students apply for through their FAFSAs, are applied directly to student accounts. Numerous privately-funded and designated endowed scholarships are also applied directly toward the cost of education; and the Alice Lloyd College grant, which is derived from a nationwide donor base, guarantees that the remaining balance is covered.

Our Financial Aid Office is also sometimes able to assist students with the cost of room, board, and other fees as it applies to each student’s level of need.

Food, Housing, and Other Fees:

The cost of education (tuition) is guaranteed for all students from within the College’s service area due to the generosity of donors from across the nation; however, students are expected to pay for their living expenses (Room and Board) and the student matriculation fee. When compared to other state colleges and universities, the cost of room and board at Alice Lloyd is relatively low. The amount owed by the student will depend upon his or her financial aid package. If a student’s tuition is covered by other federal and state grants/scholarships, then the remaining balance can be applied toward these additional costs.

The Resident Student’s Responsibility (per semester):

Dorm Student Cost (before Pell, Loans, and/or outside scholarships)

Food                  $1,918

Housing                  $2,064

Matriculation Fee              $1,080

TOTAL (Resident)              $5,062 (per semester)

The Commuter Student’s Responsibility (per semester):

Matriculation Fee                 $1,080

Commuter Fee                     $1,150

TOTAL (Commuter)              $2,230 (per semester)

The Federal Pell Grant is applied to room, board, and fees. Direct loans and outside scholarships may also be applied to these charges. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office to find out what he or she will owe.

Books and Other Expenses:

Depending on the student’s course of study, books will range from $300 to $500 per semester. Students may be able to save money by purchasing used books from our online bookstore, purchasing books through third-party retailers, or by renting their books.

The student may also incur other expenses that may vary. A few examples of special fees:

Transcript Fee – $10

Lab Fee – $25 (per semester-if applicable)

Vehicle Registration/Parking Fee – $60 (per year)

Diploma Fee – $35

Part-Time Student Fee – $225 (per semester hour)


Other costs, such as supplies, amenities, and personal expenses, will depend upon the needs of each student. The price of transportation to and from campus is also the student’s responsibility.

Alice Lloyd College Cost of Attendance Information

Each student has a Cost of Attendance budget that determines the amount of financial aid you are allowed to receive. This budget includes both direct and indirect costs.

  • Direct costs are the charges you incur at the College. Direct costs only include tuition, food, housing, and fees.
  • Indirect costs are living expenses. These include transportation, food, housing (for commuter students), and other miscellaneous expenses. You may be eligible for financial aid to cover these indirect costs. You can view these indirect costs here, or on your EagleNet financial aid portal account. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance