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McGaw Library and Learning Center

McGaw Library is located on the second floor of the McGaw Library and Learning Center in the center of campus. The library houses a collection totaling over 70,000 books, bound materials, newspapers, periodicals and audiovisual material. Alice Lloyd students have access to the book and audiovisual collections of McGaw Library and are served by an experienced staff of professional librarians. Students receive assistance in locating information needed for writing research papers and other course assignments. Students also have access to extensive Interlibrary Loan services through McGaw Library’s participation in cooperative agreements with other libraries in the Appalachian region.

Alice Lloyd’s McGaw Library is committed to providing a student-centered environment that fosters learning and the development of more effective research skills. Our staff encourages faculty to keep them informed of any research projects assigned in their classes. The library’s Public Service Librarian is available for bibliographic instruction, and the library also offers a non-credit class designed to help students with using databases and constructing bibliographies. Research assistance can be obtained on an as-needed, drop-in basis, or students may call to schedule an appointment for more guidance on a specific assignment.

As part of its Appalachian emphasis, the McGaw Library houses an Appalachian Collection of approximately 3,000 volumes and administers the Photographic Archives and the Appalachian Oral History Project. The library also has over 2,800 audiovisual resources (film strips, videos, dvds, books on tape) available upon request. Rooms are available for quiet study, group study, and computer studies. Faculty, staff and students have access to computers in the Reference Area, as well as to copying, printing, photocopying, and lamination services.

McGaw Library offers students, faculty, staff, and community:



  • A Reference Area
  • Library Tours and Orientation – Open to everyone
  • Reference Services – including Bibliographic Instruction
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
  • Computer Search Area
  • Circulation Area
  • A Periodicals Section
  • Audiovisual Materials
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Study Areas
  • Photocopying Services
  • Appalachian Special Collection
  • Archive Area, including Appalachian Photo Collection (Photographic Archives)
  • Appalachian Oral History Project


The Alice Lloyd College online public access catalog (OPAC) is available to everyone, both on and off-campus. It is an online database of all books and materials held by this library. Simply click here to access our catalog.

Online Databases and Resources

All sites are available on-campus without passwords. For any questions concerning off-campus passwords, please see William Slone, the Public Service Librarian.

  • OPAC (online public access catalog)
Materials from the following databases can be accessed through EBSCO A to Z.
  • Statesman’s Yearbook

  • Litfinder
  • Grove Art Online (Oxford)
  • Grove Music Online (Oxford)
  • E-books from McGaw Library’s Catalog
  • Oxford Reference
  • ARTstor
  • EBSCO Periodicals (KYVL)
  • Country Watch 

Library Cards

A special barcode for the library is embedded on all Alice Lloyd College student IDs. This is a free service. Students must present their student identification at the library’s front desk in order to borrow books and materials from the McGaw Library.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a service of McGaw Library available to everyone in our campus community, as well as to patrons throughout Knott County. We borrow books and materials not available in our library from other libraries in the Appalachian region for the educational, research, and general needs of the community.

Library Tours & Orientation

Tours of the McGaw Library are informal, open to everyone, and are offered on an as-needed basis. Tours can be scheduled, though, by calling the library ahead of time. Alice Lloyd College’s Office of Admissions can also incorporate a tour of the library, if requested, into an agenda for a student’s Campus Visit.

Archives & Special Collections

Alice Lloyd’s Appalachian Collection includes materials from our College’s founders, as well as an extensive archive of photographs and an oral history project maintained for the College and the surrounding area.

  • In the Photographic Archives, old photographs of the Central Appalachian region are collected and indexed as a scholarly resource to preserve the visual history of the region.
  • The Appalachian Oral History Project includes the participation of Emory & Henry College (VA), Appalachian State University (NC), and Lee’s Junior College (part of Hazard Community & Technical College) in Kentucky. This collection, a joint effort undertaken by all three institutions, includes records to document oral histories of the history and folklore of the Central Appalachian region. Materials in this collection consist of interviews and records generated by Alice Lloyd College interviewers in 1986. Records include audio interviews, administrative files, photographs, and video. Some of the interviews have been transcribed.

Access to the Appalachian Collection is open to anyone, but is limited. Library visitors must have permission to view this collection. Please contact the Director of the McGaw Library for more information.

Library Hours of Operation – Fall and Spring

Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Library Hours of Operation – Summer Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed 

McGaw Library Phone Numbers:

Front Desk (606) 368-6112
Director (606) 368-6113
Reference (606) 368-6117
Cataloging (606) 368-6114
Interlibrary Loan (606) 368-6117
Fax (606) 368-6212
Renewal by Phone (606) 368-6112

Need help? Ask a librarian! Please contact any of our library staff:

Jeannie Galloway, Director of the McGaw Library and Learning Center
Phone: (606) 368-6113

William Slone, Public Service Librarian/Interlibrary Loan
Phone: (606) 368-6117

Janice Hicks, Technical Services/Special Collections
Phone: (606) 368-6114

Jamie Holt, Evening Services Supervisor/Special Collections
Phone: (606) 368-6112 (After 6:00 PM)