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Campus Safety

Alice Lloyd College is a relatively safe and secure campus and community environment in which to attend classes and/or work. However, crimes do occur, and it is necessary to provide you with the following policies, recommendations, and information regarding your personal safety and the security of your possessions while you are on our campus.

Alice Lloyd College employs and trains its own First Response Team. First Response Team Members are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, should you need information regarding your personal safety and/or security, you are encouraged to call your Dorm Directors/Resident Advisors or the Pippa Passes Police Department.

Emergency Numbers

  • Carrick Dorm Director, (606) 368-6054
  • Berger-Auen Dorm Director, (606) 368-6445
  • Howard Hall Dorm Director, (606) 368-6444
  • Pippa Passes Police Department, (606) 368-6060
  • Title IX Coordinator, (606) 368-6071


Policies, Regulations, and Recommendations

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Interested members of the College Community can contact the Pippa Passes Police Dept., for further information. Steps that can be taken to help reduce crime include:

Personal Property

  • Identify all personal property by marking and keeping a safe, personal inventory of all marked items.
  • Keep residence halls, rooms, and office doors locked.
  • Keep bicycles chained and locked.

Personal Safety

  • Be alert to dangerous situations or suspicious activities.
  • Report them as soon as possible to a First Response Team Member.
  • When contacting the First Response Team Member give as much detail as possible regarding the event or suspicion.
ID Cards

ID cards are issued to all members of the Alice Lloyd College community who are identified as either resident or commuter classification, full or part-time status. These students are issued an appropriate identification card at registration.

Resident students will be asked at any time to present IDs for meals and event attendance. Students may be requested to produce ID upon request of a member of the Pippa Passes Police Dept. or other authorized agents of the College. Refusal or failure to produce your ID card may result in referral to the Dean of Students.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alice Lloyd College does not permit the use of or the possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on campus. Improper use of any drug(s) will not be tolerated. Violators will be disciplined. If the College determines that a student violates this policy, that student will be referred to the appropriate campus official and all disciplinary action administered as outlined in your student handbook. “Campus” includes Lots X and C, the baseball field, and the area between the two stop signs on either end of campus. NO student or employee is to bring any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs to the campus. Possession, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be referred to the appropriate campus official and all disciplinary action will be administered as outlined in your student handbook.

Sexual Harassment

Alice Lloyd College has accepted a policy that prohibits sexual harassment. A copy of this policy can be found in the Student Services Office.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Materials

Alice Lloyd College Title IX Reporting

Notice or complaints of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation may be made using any of the following options:

1) File a complaint with, or give verbal notice to, the Title IX Coordinator, Vena Gayheart at, 606-368-6071. Such a report may be made at any time (including during non-business hours) by using the telephone number or email address, or by mail to the office address, listed for the Title IX Coordinator or any other official listed.

2) Report online, using the reporting form posted by clicking here. Anonymous reports are accepted but can give rise to a need to investigate. The Recipient tries to provide supportive measures to all Complainants, which may be impossible with an anonymous report. Because reporting carries no obligation to initiate a formal response, and as the Recipient respects Complainant requests to dismiss complaints unless there is a compelling threat to health and/or safety, the Complainant is largely in control by making a report that allows the Recipient to discuss and/or provide supportive measures.

A Formal Complaint means a document submitted or signed by the Complainant or signed by the Title IX Coordinator alleging a policy violation by a Respondent and requesting that the College investigate the allegation(s). A complaint may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator in person, by mail, or by electronic mail, by using the contact information in the section immediately above, or as described in this section. As used in this paragraph, the phrase “document filed by a Complainant” means a document or electronic submission (such as by electronic mail or through an online portal provided for this purpose by the College) that contains the Complainant’s physical or digital signature, or otherwise indicates that the Complainant is the person filing the complaint, and requests that the College investigate the allegations.

If notice is submitted in a form that does not meet this standard, the Title IX Coordinator will contact the Complainant to ensure that it is filed correctly.

Visitation Regulation

Alice Lloyd College students may not visit the resident areas (including hallways and stairwells) of members of the opposite sex. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.

Dormitory visitors are subject to all Alice Lloyd College rules and regulations. ALC students are welcome in the public areas of the dormitories from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily. All other visitors have to have a pass signed by a Student Services staff member. Visitors must be registered by their hosts/hostesses at all campus social events they wish to attend.

In general, campus buildings are open for your use Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Many of the buildings and classrooms are open on Saturdays and Sundays on a limited time frame.

Residence halls are open until curfew as detailed in your Student Handbook. Residents returning late at night may call or stop by the Pippa Passes Police Department to make arrangements for an escort from Lot X or Lot C.

Pornography Policy

Alice Lloyd College prohibits the possession or display of pornography, including internet pornography. A copy of the College policy on internet usage can be found in the Student Services Office.

Sexual Assault, Stalking, & Relationship Violence

Alice Lloyd College has accepted a policy that prohibits sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence. A copy of this policy can be found in the Student Services Office.

Missing Student Notification Policy

Alice Lloyd College has accepted a missing student notification policy. A copy of this policy can be found in the Student Services Office.

Campus Parking

Vehicle Registration

Alice Lloyd College requires that all motor vehicles using the campus be registered with the Pippa Passes Police Dept. To register your vehicle you must complete a vehicle registration form located in the Pippa Passes Police Dept.

Motorbikes and/or motorcycles are subject to the same regulations as cars and must be registered with the Pippa Passes Police Dept. Any member of the College community who fails to register a vehicle that is being used on campus may be fined in addition to any other violations. Any vehicle on the campus (whether registered or not) may be towed at the owner’s expense and liability. Continued disregard of the stated rules and regulations related to parking regulations and vehicle registration guidelines may result in the loss of driving privileges.

Parking on Campus

All Alice Lloyd College students are assigned parking by the number of cumulative hours they have obtained. Roadside parking is designated for commuter students and staff, except between the hours of 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. In each parking area there will be several parking spaces marked off in yellow. These spaces are for faculty, staff, and maintenance only. Students will be ticketed for “wrong area” if discovered in one of these spaces.

Alice Lloyd College assumes no responsibility or risk for any vehicle, its occupants, or property contained therein or thereon while parked or driven on Alice Lloyd College property. The Pippa Passes Police Dept. will issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles and, if necessary, tow vehicles at the owner’s expense.

Traffic Regulations

All roadways on campus are fire lanes to ensure that emergency vehicles have access to all buildings and residence halls. Motor vehicles parked on or along fire lanes may be towed off campus at the owner’s expense and liability.

Because the Alice Lloyd campus is primarily residential, there is a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic, which necessitates a strict policy toward traffic enforcement. Persons violating these policies may have traffic charges filed against them and may also be subject to disciplinary action through the Student Services Office and/or remanded to the Knott County District Court in Hindman, Kentucky. The action taken may include the loss of campus driving privileges, a fine, social probation, a combination of penalties, or suspension from the College.

All Kentucky State vehicle and traffic laws will be enforced on campus and the Pippa Passes Police Dept. will issue tickets for violations when necessary. Alice Lloyd College reserves the right to alter or change any or all the above stated regulations as needed. Students will be given ample notice of such changes.

Appeals of Parking

Appeals of parking violations must be made within seven days at the Student Services Office between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Failure to file an appeal within this seven-day period will result in the loss of the right to appeal the violation or associated fine. Persistent violators may have their campus registration revoked, and their vehicles may be towed off campus at the registrant’s expense and liability.

Visitors and Temporary Registration

Temporary Registration will be available to members of the College community who may find it necessary to have an unregistered vehicle on campus for unforeseen or special circumstances (i.e., due to vehicle service or other similar circumstances).

Visitors with automobiles will be assigned a temporary parking place while they are on campus. Hosts are responsible for obtaining a visitor’s parking sticker from the Pippa Passes Police Dept. Other visitors may receive a temporary parking sticker from the Pippa Passes Police Dept. and park in the assigned designated area.

Loss of Parking Decal should be reported to the Pippa Passes Police Dept immediately. The decal number will then be cancelled and a new one will be issued at the cost of $10.00.

Avoid Victimization

If you are victimized and need to talk to someone, you can reach the Alice Lloyd College Counselor at (606) 368-6110.

Property Protection
  1. Lock your door whenever you leave your room for any length of time or when sleeping. Always lock all car doors.
  2. Never prop open any door.
  3. Adequately protect all valuables in your room, such as wallets, jewelry, credit cards, cash, and computers. Do not leave valuables or cash in plain view.
  4. Protect your books and put your name in them.
  5. Do not loan your keys to anyone.
  6. Never hide your keys outside your apartment or room. Do not put your name or address on your keys.
  7. Take all valuable items home with you during vacations.
  8. When in a public place, keep valuable possessions out of sight.
  9. Participate in “Operation Identification” in cooperation with the Pippa Passes Police Department.

“Operation Identification” is a crime prevention project to protect your possessions from theft.

  • You may obtain “Operation Identification” materials from the Pippa Passes Police Department.
  • Itemize your possessions on a file card.
  • Record the description and serial numbers.

Note: Computers, VCRs, CD players, DVD players, cash, and jewelry are items particularly susceptible to theft.

Personal Safety

At home, in an apartment building, or in a residence hall:

  1. Keep your room’s door locked when you are napping or sleeping.
  2. Never let unauthorized persons come into your room, enter residence halls, or enter apartment security doors. Always ask to see proper identification. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Pippa Passes Police Department.
  3. Never prop open inside or outside doors.
  4. Do not hide keys outside of your room or apartment. Do not put our name or address on your keys.
  5. Avoid working or studying alone in a campus building.
  6. Never dress in front of a window. Draw blinds or curtains after dark.
  7. If an intruder awakens you inside your room, do not attempt to apprehend an intruder. Try to get an accurate description of the intruder and then call the Pippa Passes Police Department.

When driving:

  1. Carry your car keys when approaching your vehicle so you can enter quickly.
  2. Lock your doors and keep windows rolled up whenever possible. Always check underneath your car and in the rear seat for intruders before entering your automobile.
  3. Drive on well-traveled and well-lit streets.
  4. Never hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.
  5. If someone tries to enter your stopped vehicle, sound the horn and drive to a safe area such as a convenience store.
  6. If your vehicle breaks down, ask any person who stops to call the police. Do not allow any person access to you or inside your car. Roll down your window no more than an inch. Be aware that an accident may be staged to provide the other driver an opportunity to commit a criminal act.
  7. Leave enough room between your car and the one ahead so you can drive around it if necessary.

While walking or jogging:

  1. Avoid walking or jogging alone and try not to walk or jog after dark.
  2. Avoid dark or vacant areas. Walk along well-lit routes.
  3. Be alert to your surroundings. If you suspect you are being followed, run in a different direction, go to the other side of the street, and yell for help, or move quickly to a lighted area or a group of people.
  4. Have your keys ready when returning to your residence hall or apartment. Keep your personal or valuable items concealed and close to your body.

Harassing phone calls:

Telephone harassment is both a nuisance and a crime and will not be tolerated on the Alice Lloyd College campus.  If you are a victim of telephone harassment, please follow these steps:

  1. As soon as you realize the nature of the call, hang up. Remain calm and replace the receiver on the telephone as you normally would for any call.
  2. Do not talk to or try to discover the caller’s identity.
  3. If calling persists, or if any call is obscene or threatening, call the Pippa Passes Police Department at once. If off campus, call the police and report the activity.
  4. If calling persists, keep a time log of calls received, what was said by all parties, and a description of the voice.

Steps to follow if you see suspicious activity or persons:

  • If you see any suspicious activity or person(s) on or near the campus, it is your responsibility to call the Pippa Passes Police Department at (606) 368-2121 or dial 911 for emergencies.
  • Do not assume what you see is an innocent activity or that another individual has already called the Pippa Passes Police Department. Do not worry about being embarrassed; rather, think about what could happen if you do not act.
  • Suspicious persons may include:
    • person(s) loitering about at unusual hours and locations;
    • person(s) running, especially if something of value is being carried;
    • person(s) exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms (they could be under the influence of drugs or needing medical or psychiatric assistance);
    • person(s) carrying property that might be suspicious, depending on the circumstances;
    • person(s) going from room to room trying doorknobs.
  • Do not assume the person may be a visitor or college staff that you have not seen before. Call the Pippa Passes Police Department immediately.
Fire Safety

Firearms, air/gas guns, and fireworks of any kind are forbidden in the residence halls. All weapons must be surrendered to the Pippa Passes Police Department. The College reserves the right to confiscate firearms and fireworks and take appropriate action. Firearm and fire code violations are viewed as major violations. For more information on fire code violations on campus and in the dorms, please click here (pdf).

Fire and General Evacuation

If a fire condition is discovered in a building, you should take the following actions:

  1. Immediately evacuate the building. As you leave, notify other occupants. Activate a fire alarm pull station.
  2. Close room and/or hallway and stairwell doors as you evacuate.

Once you leave the building, do not re-enter for any reason.

The purpose of any evacuation is to empty a building or area of all occupants as quickly and safely as possible.

  1. In most cases that require the evacuation of a building (fire, explosion, bomb threat), occupants should proceed to a clear or safe location away from the building, but where they can be accounted for. First Response Team members may direct you to other locations. Please comply with their requests in order to effect a safe evacuation.
  2. Evacuation of persons with disabilities will be given the highest priority. They will be evacuated by the most expeditious and safe means available. If you are aware of the person(s) with disabilities in your building who require assistance, please notify a First Response Team member.
  3. When evacuating the building, do not run. Walk and remain quiet. Be observant of your surroundings and know a second means of escape from your building in the event that your primary route is obstructed.
  4. Occupants, once outside the building, should congregate with co-workers to make sure that everyone has evacuated safely. If you discover that someone is unaccounted for, notify a First Response Team member.
  5. Intentional evading or refusal to evacuate will result in a notice of violation. In residence halls, the Resident Assistants and/or First Response Team members will go room to room to ensure that evacuation of the residence hall is completed and evacuation procedures are followed.

Life Safety

As stated in the Student and Faculty Handbook at Alice Lloyd College, the abuse of any life safety equipment in any campus building or facility is a serious violation of College policy. Abuse of any life safety equipment is also a violation of state and federal law.

Life Safety Equipment is defined but not limited to:

  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Alarm panels
  • Locks
  • Emergency exits
  • Directional or Warning Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Safety Lighting
  • First Aid Kits or other Emergency Kits

Fire/Life Safety Equipment

All dorms are equipped with fire extinguishers located in the hallway of each wing and accessible to all rooms. Each dormitory room is equipped with a smoke detector. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that all life safety equipment is not tampered with in any manner. Students are encouraged to properly use fire extinguishers when warranted for fire safety. If you are uncertain how to properly use the extinguisher, contact your RA, Dorm Director, or Pippa Passes Police Dept. If you suspect there is a problem with your extinguisher, contact the Pippa Passes Police Dept. immediately. If you have cause to discharge your extinguisher for fire control you must immediately advise your RA and the Pippa Passes Police Dept. to report the fire and use of the extinguisher. If a dorm extinguisher is missing, discharged for other than a fire or a non-reported fire, or tampered with in any way as to cause the extinguisher to be inoperable or unavailable for emergency use, the violator will be referred to the Dean of Students for appropriate action.

False fire alarms and willful damaging of any life safety equipment is not only an inconvenience to fellow students but constitutes a real danger. Fire extinguishers, pull stations, alarm bells, smoke and heat detectors, and alarm panels are in place for your safety. Use of these systems for anything other than fire emergencies, abuse of these systems, or the intentional causing of a false fire alarm will result in a fine and possible dismissal from College housing. (Tampering includes moving, modifying, obstructing, or in any way altering life safety equipment.)

Open fire is not permitted in any residence hall or campus building. The intentional setting of any fire which is not authorized or designed for a recognized and accepted purpose and practiced with proper safety precautions will, in effect, result in the filing of conduct charges.

The use of extension cords and multiple outlet plug adapters (Octopus Cords) is strictly prohibited. Power strips with overload circuit protectors may be used. No hot plates or electrical cooking devices are permitted, with the exception of a microwave. All electrical appliances (includes refrigerators) must be approved by the Student Services Office. Any items that may be confiscated, as indicated above, will be held for safekeeping until the owner claims it for removal from campus. Such items may be claimed at the Student Services Office during business hours. Failure to claim these items at the conclusion of the current school year will forfeit rights to the item(s) and the College will dispose of them as is appropriate. Any items that are confiscated which are illegal will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Natural Disaster

The following information is offered as a guideline to aid you in determining what action you should take in the event of severe weather.

Tornado WATCH: This means conditions are such that storms capable of producing a tornado may develop.

Tornado WARNING: This means that either a tornado has been sighted or it is highly probable that one will develop. Persons should seek immediate shelter in a basement or lower floor, interior corridors, or interior rooms. If you are in an open-span area such as a gymnasium, auditorium, or warehouse, go to the wall farthest from windows or glass, crouch down against the wall, and protect your head with your arms. Stay away from windows and exterior doors.

Severe Thunderstorm WATCH: Conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area.

Severe Thunderstorm WARNING: Issued when a thunderstorm produces hail ¾ of an inch in diameter or larger and/or winds which equal or exceed 58 mph. Severe thunderstorms can result in the loss of life and/or property.

Flash Flood WATCH: Indicates that flash flooding is possible in and close to the watch area. Those in the area are urged to be ready to take quick action if a flash flood warning is issued or flooding is observed.

Flash Flood WARNING: Signifies a dangerous situation where rapid flooding of small rivers, streams, creeks, or urban areas is imminent or already occurring.

Disposal of Media Policy and Procedures

Click Here to access ALC’s Disposal of Media Policy and Procedures.

Disciplinary Policy for CJIS Access

Click here for access to ALC’s Disciplinary Policy for CJIS Access.


Click here for access to ALC’s CJIS LCIC NLETS policy.

Pippa Passes Police Department

Since July of 1983, the city of Pippa Passes has been incorporated as a sixth-class city. As a municipality, Pippa Passes is empowered through its city council to pass legislative laws and provide for the welfare of its citizens. The Pippa Passes Police Department has jurisdiction within the city limits to enforce laws of the community, state, and nation. Students are liable under the civil law, as well as the regulations established by Alice Lloyd College while in the City of Pippa Passes.

Pippa Passes Police Department is dedicated to enhancing the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to participate in the educational experience by providing a safe, protected, and orderly environment. The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of primary importance. The Pippa Passes Police Department seeks participation by all members of the community and Alice Lloyd College family in our efforts. We want to provide you with direct contact with officers and personalized services as we enforce the College’s rules and regulations.

As a service organization, the department offers a full range of security resources, including preventative patrols (24 hours), criminal investigations, crime prevention, facilities security, special event services, and parking management and enforcement. The Pippa Passes Police Department has sworn officers (with arrest powers) and non-sworn officers working as Safety Officers (no arrest powers). Crimes can be reported to any member of the Pippa Passes Police Department.

We also serve the College community by providing safety analysis for the campus, hazard inspections, and personal escorts. The Pippa Passes Police Department also strives to ensure the safety of our College family by offering several interactive teaching sessions related to the safety and security of the students, faculty, staff, and community.

Overall, the men and women of the Pippa Passes Police Department believe in providing proactive crime prevention and prompt friendly service to you and the College community.

Crime Reporting

Crime victims, and witnesses to a crime regardless of the crime, are encouraged to promptly report incidents to the Pippa Passes Police Department.

To report a crime, the victim or witness needs only to call the Pippa Passes Police Department and an officer will meet with them to gather information. An official report will be made with copies available to the victim after an investigation is completed. Each day the incident from the previous day, excluding names, are summarized and made available to the public, staff, faculty, students, other law enforcement agencies, and the media via the Internet.

Each year the number of incidents in each category of crime are counted and reported to the state and federal government in compliance with the Clery Act of 1990.

Crimes in Progress

To report a crime in progress, a victim or witness can dial 911 or (606) 368-2121. Any reporting method will stimulate the response of police, fire, or ambulance, whichever is needed. In addition, the victim of a serious crime may request support personnel, such as ministers and rape crisis or domestic violence counselors, during or after reporting the incident. Prompt reporting of criminal activity to the Pippa Passes Police Department enables a quick response, timely warnings and makes the campus safer for everyone.

If you are a victim of a crime or witness to one, you should do the following:

  • Call the Pippa Passes Police Department immediately at (606) 368-2121 or call 911 (for emergencies).
  • Obtain a description.
  • Attempt to obtain a description of the offender(s), including gender, age, race, hair, clothing, and distinguishable features. Also, attempt to obtain a description and license number of any vehicle(s) involved. Note the direction of travel of any offender(s) or vehicle(s) and report these to security.
  • Preserve the crime scene.

Do not touch any items involved in the incident. Close off the area of the incident and do not allow anyone in the crime area until Pippa Passes Police Department arrives.

For your convenience, a list of various crimes and their definitions is available here (pdf).


The Pippa Passes Police Department has mutual aid agreements with the Kentucky State Police, the Knott County Sheriff’s Department, and the Hindman Police Department, allowing for cooperation in enforcement activities and the sharing of information. The Pippa Passes Police Department officers provide a positive image to visitors and members of the campus community, whether it is providing directions, parking information, or just offering a friendly welcome.

Our officers represent this College as a group of caring and professional people, intent upon enhancing a friendly atmosphere. Necessary enforcement includes using alternatives to arrest when reasonable. Our participation in athletic and special events ensures that all aspects of planning consider the safety and security of all participants. Officers provide professional crowd control and traffic regulation before, during, and after such events.

Students and staff find our office personnel willing to share statistics, insights, and experiences as a basis for class reports or vocational interests. The Pippa Passes Police Department officers seek proactive means to avoid problems and situations, whether it is suggesting an added security measure, providing insight on planned activities, or using investigative analysis to assign a deterrent force.

For the Pippa Passes Police Department, “service” is not just a word or a part of a catchy slogan, but a way of life. Services such as motorist assistance, money transports, and emergency notifications are handled routinely. Safety hazard inspections are routinely held to ensure the safety of each and every person in our campus community.

Overall, the department believes in providing proactive enforcement of law and College regulations as a service to you, the College community.

Annual Report & Daily Logs

The College is committed to making timely reports to the college community of crimes reported to campus safety authorities or local law enforcement that are determined by those authorities to present a safety or security threat to students or employees. Special reports will be made available to students and employees within 24 hours of the time that the incident is first reported to campus security authorities. After determining that an incident requires a special report, the college will do the following:

  • The Pippa Passes Police Dept. will post all special reports on the College website.
  • Each residence hall will post a copy of the special report on a bulletin board designated for that purpose. Other bulletin boards on campus may also be used.
  • Campus safety authorities will determine the best and most effective method of disseminating special reports to the college community. This may include e-mail, fliers, and direct mailings.
  • All special reports will provide a general description of the incident and will provide crime prevention information that will aid in the prevention of similar occurrences.
  • In accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Alice Lloyd College provides crime statistics and information regarding its security program to prospective students, current students, and employees. To view these documents, please select the appropriate link below.

Daily Crime and Fire Log (pdf)

Safety and Security Statistics Report (pdf)


Pippa Passes Police Department

100 Purpose Road #5Pippa Passes, Ky. 41844

  • Phone (606) 368-6060
  • Cell (606) 438-6811

Pippa Passes Police Department Personnel

  • Phillip Slone, Chief of Police
  • Brandon GayheartPolice Commissioner
  • Sebastian Stewart, Safety Officer
  • Austin Stafford, Safety Officer
  • Trent Turner, Safety Officer
  • Larry Watts, Safety Officer
Important Numbers

Pippa Passes Police Department: (606) 368-6060
Emergencies, Crimes in progress, Fire, Medical: 911
Pippa Passes Police Chief: (606) 368-6060
Dean of Student’s Office: (606) 368-6120
Campus Health Services: (606) 368-6122
Kentucky State Police: (606) 435-6069 or 911
Knott County Sheriff Department: (606) 785-5354
Pippa Passes Volunteer Fire Department: (606) 368-2702 (Business Calls Only) Emergency: 911
Rape Crisis Center: (606) 785-5066
KRCC Counseling and Drug/Alcohol Abuse Programs: (606) 785-3556
Outside Counseling: (606) 785-3556
Safe House: (606) 439-1552


Appalachian Regional Medical Centers:
Hazard (606) 439-6600
McDowell (606) 377-3400
Whitesburg (606) 633-3500
St. Joseph – Martin (606) 285-6400

East Kentucky Health Care Center, Mallie, Kentucky: (606) 785-3164
June Buchanan Clinic, Hindman, Kentucky: (606) 785-3175
Knott County Health Department: (606) 785-3144
Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky:
Hindman: (606) 785-1300
Hazard: (606) 439-1300

The Pippa Passes Police Department

Phillip Slone, Police Chief: (606) 438-6811
Brandon Gayheart, Police Commissioner: (606) 368-2121
Sebastian Stewart, Safety Officer: (606) 368-6060
Austin Stafford, Safety Officer: (606) 368-6060
Trent Turner, Safety Officer: (606) 368-6060
Larry Watts, Safety Officer: (606) 368-6060