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ALC Endowment Fund

One of the major priorities at Alice Lloyd College is to increase our endowment to ensure that future students have opportunities to obtain a high-quality education at a low cost. The young men and women of Appalachia deserve that chance.

You can help us give the gift of a priceless education to promising Appalachian students by making your contribution to the ALC Endowment Fund today!

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Why Give?

There are so many wonderful causes that deserve our attention and support in today’s world, so why do we believe that you should give to Alice Lloyd College?

It’s simple: by supporting us, you will be supporting over 600 talented mountain students whose success will greatly contribute to the betterment of all of Appalachia and beyond.

Alice Lloyd College offers its students a unique opportunity: through the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship, all students from our 108-county service area do not pay any out-of-pocket costs for tuition. The majority of our students come from low-income families. If not for the financial assistance provided by Alice Lloyd, it is entirely likely that many of them would have to miss out on obtaining a college education. A gift to Alice Lloyd is not a hand-out; it is a helping hand. Your gift will give them the chance to make their dreams a reality.

All of our full-time students are required to work in our Student Work Program. Our work program helps finance their educational expenses while at the same time promoting a sense of dignity and self-help. Requiring students to work is truly a distinctive feature of Alice Lloyd College, and so committed is the College to the concept of student labor that successful completion of the work requirement is a graduation requirement. What’s more, 95% of our students are either in graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

To our knowledge, Alice Lloyd is the only school to provide its students with a bachelor’s degree and financially assist many of its graduates as they pursue advanced degrees. Eighty-three percent of our graduates return to lead and serve in the region, and most have no debt.

When you give to Alice Lloyd College, you are helping to change thousands of lives and the future of an entire region. Nearly 90% of every operating dollar we raise goes to support our students. Your gift is a vote of confidence in Appalachia’s young people to be the catalysts for positive change.

Endowment Gifts Support:

This fund will focus on the repair and replacement of computer hardware to help us utilize state-of-the-art technical equipment.

This fund will enable us to bring various educational and cultural programs to our campus each year for the benefit of our students.

This fund keeps the campus updated and operating to provide students with the best opportunities in and out of the classroom.

This fund will permanently underwrite the salary, benefits, and other expenses of an outstanding teacher in an area designated by the donor.

No matter the amount, gifts received by ALC go directly toward providing educational opportunities for our students.

Questions? Comments? Please contact:


Allison Southard, Director of Development
Phone: (606) 368-6039