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Caney Convocation Series

Convo Collage
Alice Lloyd College offers a convocation program to help enrich students’ lives academically, spiritually and culturally. Programs are designed to enhance the student’s academic experience through events that cover areas such as science, humanities, social sciences, sports, ethics and leadership. A schedule of the events will be made available to all students, faculty, and staff at the beginning of each semester. Events are subject to change, cancellations, and additions. Please refer to announcement boards posted throughout campus, campus email, Alice Lloyd social media sites, and the College’s website for notice of any changes.


Alice Lloyd College has traditionally encouraged a strong liberal arts program as a springboard for teaching the whole person.

Alice Lloyd and June Buchanan, co-founders of the College, were insistent that purposeful learning included normative knowledge (character-building, service, inquisitiveness), as well as descriptive knowledge (information).

Implementation of this philosophy extended far beyond the classroom into such programs as The Student Work Program, The Caney Scholars Program, and the Christian Forum.

It was through the experiences of the Christian Forum that students were challenged to interpret ideas, ask questions, and debate issues. They were given topics on short notice and were asked to defend those subjects before an audience of peers and teachers. Furthermore, the Christian Forum provided students with a number of outside lecturers to enhance their classroom experiences.

In the spirit of such a tradition, the Caney Convocation Program was established in 1979. The convocation programs reflect variety and quality and are therefore part of the academic experience.

Today, the Caney Convocation Series is an integral part of the College’s academic program and offers students an opportunity to enrich their classroom experience through lectures, art exhibits, religious seminars, and fine arts performances. Throughout each semester special convocations will be required of all students, such as opening convocations (i.e., the first convocation of each semester), Honors Day, Student Work Awards Day, and other events featuring special guest speakers. The purpose of the opening convocation is to bring the entire academic community together to reaffirm the objectives of Alice Lloyd College. Students will be notified in advance of required convocations/special events. Failure to attend any required convocation will result in two additional required events for the following semester.

Convocation Credit

Participation in the convocation program is required of all full-time students enrolled at Alice Lloyd College. The program is designed to offer twelve convocations per semester. Each full-time student is required to attend six (6) events per semester for successful completion of the convocation program. Each student receives one (1) convocation credit for each event attended. 1/2 institutional credit hour is awarded for successful completion of convocation requirements each semester.

The program for the Caney Convocation Series is established and administered by the Director of Convocations. Attendance for convocation programs is recorded by the Director of Convocations whose office is located on the 2nd floor of the Jerry C. Davis Student Center. Any question concerning attendance at these events may be directed to that office. Students will be able to track their attendance record at convocation events on charts posted in the Campus Post Office.


Students will be enrolled each semester in the CONV 100 convocation program. Credit for convocation is Pass/Fail, with 1/2 academic credit hours available each semester. Students who do not meet the required attendance expectations will receive a failing grade (F) in Convocation for that semester.

Students who receive a failing grade in Convocation will have one semester to make up any deficiency by working out an agreement with the Director of Convocations. If the deficiency is not satisfied and all current semester requirements are not met, the student could be placed on academic probation or suspension for failure to meet the Convocation requirements upon review by the appropriate dean.


Convocation events are usually scheduled on Tuesdays, with a few occurring on Thursdays, either at 1 PM or in the evening, normally at 7:30 PM. Most convocation events last one hour, but some, generally those that occur in the evening, can run longer. Convocations are held in the auditorium of the Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts (also called the Campbell Arts Center or CAC) unless otherwise indicated. Students will be issued an attendance card which is to be returned to the Convocation Attendant at the end of the program. Students may be asked to use their student ID to record attendance. If this is the case, students will be provided advanced notice.

Students should plan on arriving on time, as the doors will close promptly at the scheduled program start time. After the doors are closed, students may enter from the upper entrance. Students attending a convocation event are expected to remain for the entire duration of the program in order to receive proper credit. Students who arrive more than five minutes after the program has begun or leave before it is over are not eligible to receive credit, even if they turn in an attendance card.

Records of attendance are maintained in Student Services by the Director of Convocations.


Senior Education majors are exempt from convocation attendance during the semester in which they are student teaching. An exception to this rule is if the student is not in good standing, in which case they will be required to work with the Dean of Students to develop a plan to meet the convocation requirement for graduation purposes.

Specific Rules

  • Be courteous! Convocation speakers and performers are normally guests of the College, professors, or student peers. You are expected to extend them the same courtesy you would expect if you were performing or lecturing.
  • No food or drink, hats, cell phones or computers are allowed in the auditorium.
  • Please do not put your feet on or sit on the backs of the seats.
  • Your card can be pulled for any of the above violations, as well as (1) turning in another person’s card, (2) having another person turn in your card, (3) not staying until the end of the program, and/or (4) improper dress.

First violation: With exception of items noted in 1, 2, and 3, the first violation will result in a warning from the Director of Convocations and notice will be forwarded to the Dean of Students. Violation of items noted in 1, 2, and 3 will result in loss of credit and a meeting with the Dean of Students.

A second violation will result in the loss of credit and possibly a meeting with the Dean of Students.

Professional Dress

Alice Lloyd College strives to educate students to become leaders in their community and in the workforce; therefore, professional dress is an important part of the learning environment. Through the Caney Convocation Series and “Professional Dress Tuesday,” students develop an appreciation of the importance of “dressing for success.”

Professional Day (Tuesday) Dress Code

On Tuesdays, professional dress will be required of all students on central campus until 2:00 p.m. and for all convocation programs. Central campus includes all of the campus buildings with the exception of the gym, maintenance building, fitness center, and the residence halls.

Convocation Dress

All convocation programs are professional dress occasions except for the Student Work Awards convocation or unless otherwise noted. This rule is to be followed for all convocations, including convocations on Thursdays and any that occur in the evening. In addition to Professional Day (Tuesday) dress requirements, males and females must keep their suit jackets on during the entire convocation program. It is important that students familiarize themselves with the convocation dress code, which can be found in the Student Handbook and on this website.

Professional Dress for Men

All items listed together must coordinate/consist of:

  • Business suit, dress shirt (tucked in), tie, belt, dress socks and coordinating dress shoes or boots.
  • Sport coat, dress slacks, dress shirt (button-down long/short sleeve, tucked in), belt, tie, dress socks and coordinating dress shoes or boots.

Men’s Shoes:

  • Polished lace-up or slip-on shoes
  • Polished dress or western boots

Professional Dress for Women

All items listed together must coordinate/consist of:

  • Business pantsuit (matching jacket/pant), blouse, hosiery/matching trouser socks, and appropriate dress shoes.
  • Business skirt suit, blouse, nylons, and appropriate dress shoes.
  • Business dress with sleeves or coordinating jacket, nylons, and appropriate dress shoes.

Women’s Shoes:

  • Dress shoes with heel no higher than 2”
  • Professional, open-toed shoes with/without a back strap with heels no higher than 2”

All events in the Caney Convocation Series are free and open to the public. The convocation series at Alice Lloyd College is partially subsidized by The Edward G. Hefter Endowment Fund. If you would like to contribute to the endowment fund for convocations, please contact Dr. Allison Southard, ALC’s Director of Development, Alice Lloyd College, 100 Purpose Road, Pippa Passes, KY 41844 or via e-mail at

For a complete listing of programs in our Convocation Series, click here (pdf) for the Convocation Schedule.

You can also find a convocation schedule on our events calendar

For questions or to recommend a guest for the Convocation Series, please contact:

Nathan Hall, Director of Convocations
Phone: (606) 368-6136