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Student Work Program

ALC is one of ten federally recognized work-study colleges in the nation. Students who attend ALC work for their education.

Opportunity to Work and Learn

Work has been a central part of the Alice Lloyd College experience since the College’s founding in 1923 when Alice Lloyd developed her own financial aid program that required all students to work. Students worked to provide needed services for the College community and also to provide the opportunity to pay for their education. Today, the Student Work Program is intended to be not only an earning experience but a learning experience as well. It is designed to teach students the meaning of responsible leadership, self-discipline, and self-reliance. It also enhances the total educational program through the teaching of skills, responsibilities, attitudes, and habits associated with work.

Requiring students to work is truly a distinctive feature of Alice Lloyd College. The College is committed to developing students into servant leaders through work and because of that students are required to successfully complete their work assignments before they can graduate.

Graduates of work colleges report that their college better prepared them for their current job as compared with their peers.

The Student Work Program will:

1. Promote a sense of dignity through work.


2. Promote a sense of service to others.


3. Enrich the educational program through experiential learning opportunities.


4. Provide students with monetary means to help finance their educational expenses and help gain a sense of accomplishment.


5. Enhance students’ career opportunities.

Job descriptions for all positions are available in the Student Work Office.


The program requires every full-time student to work a minimum of 10 hours per week and 160 hours per semester at an on-campus job.

For all other information about ALC’s Student Work Program, check out the current Student Work Program Handbook (pdf).
Operation of the Student Work Program

The Program is supervised by the Director of the Student Work Program with the help of Student Work Supervisors who are in charge of the 14 different departments. Together they are responsible for assigning, scheduling, and evaluating student work, the weekly recording of hours, and the assessment of penalties for work rule violations.

A student’s job will be determined prior to registration week. Work begins the first day of classes. However, some assignments will begin on Monday of registration week; in such cases, those involved will be notified. Jobs are assigned on the basis of class schedule (when a student is free to work), the student’s preference and skills (a questionnaire helps determine skills and experience), departmental demands, and the availability of the various jobs remaining after the upperclassmen are given their jobs.

No student or group of students is exempt from any position in the Student Work Program at Alice Lloyd College. However, every effort will be made to place students in positions that enable them to fulfill their Student Work Program obligation to the College. Wherever possible, the College tries to provide experiences that help students to qualify for careers after the completion of their education. Please refer to the Student Work Program Handbook for rules and regulations.

Work Assignments


The Student Work Program is divided into departments that perform the following functions:

Campus Maintenance/Grounds

Jobs involve repairs and general maintenance work on campus (cutting grass and weeds, raking leaves, salting walkways in winter months, landscaping, painting, etc.).

Library Assistants

Students help with the checking out, shelving, sorting, and cataloging of books and periodicals.

Building Maintenance

Job activities consist of the general cleaning and upkeep of the main buildings on campus.

Janitorial Duties

Male janitors clean the men’s dormitories, and female janitors are assigned to clean the women’s dormitories.

Kitchen/Dining Hall - Hunger Din

Work in the Hunger Din involves assorted tasks ranging from food preparation to clean up.

Perry Campus Center Concession Stand

Students help with the day-to-day operations of the concession stands, including serving customers, food and drink preparation, stocking, and clean-up. The concession stand is open in the evenings for the entire Campus Center, no matter if there is a sporting game or not.

Miss Irma's Café

Students help with the day-to-day operations of the café, including serving customers, food and drink preparation, stocking, and clean-up.

Academic and Administrative Assistants

Work assignments involve secretarial and other office assistance, Teacher’s Assistants, tutoring, and special service work such as “Christmas Pretties.”

Resident Advisors

Responsibilities include counseling and advising students about social interaction and providing assistance with activities on dormitory floors and on campus.

Admissions Team

These students contact prospective students, discuss the ALC philosophy, and encourage students to enroll. They also conduct campus tours and aid the Admissions staff with other duties in the Office of Admissions.

Radio Station/Marketing & Communications

Students assigned to WWJD-FM perform broadcast-related work, which includes calling sporting events, interviewing athletes and coaches, recording radio spots, and uploading musical playlists. These student workers are under the supervision of the radio manager and the direction of the Director of Marketing and Communications. It is their duty to help the station run smoothly. Other students will aid the Director of Marketing and Communications and the ALC Webmaster with writing tasks, photography, website maintenance, information gathering, Appalachia Day Homecoming duties, etc. All students at the radio station/Eagle’s Nest will contribute to the upkeep of the building.

The Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Players

Under the direction of ALC’s Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre, the mission of ALC’s Caudill Players is to bring an educational theatre experience to area schools as an arm of the ALC Admissions Office. The troupe presents plays as community outreach from the college to organizations in the surrounding area. The Caudill Players offer these plays free as a service. The ALC Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Players began in the spring of 2009. Dr. Don Caudill chose to honor his parents through an ongoing and endowed gift to ALC by way of sponsoring the Eagle Theatre program, and specifically, this theatre touring troupe. The plays chosen are meant to highlight Appalachian culture, the rich heritage of William Shakespeare, and to explore significant and well known playwrights of the United States.

Craft Shop

Students assigned to the ALC Craft Shop make Christmas ornaments and other items to be sent to alumni, donors, and friends of the College.

Campus Post Office

Job tasks involve sorting and delivering mail.


Students provide equipment and serve as officials and scorekeepers for intramural sports activities.

Gym Maintenance

Responsibilities involve the cleaning of the gymnasium and the Grady Nutt Athletic Center, as well as the preparation of facilities for basketball games and special events, including the regulation collegiate swimming pool.

Student Publications

Some students are given work on the student newsletter, The Campus Voice, and The Talon yearbook staff.

Weight Room and Student Lounge

Students assigned to these areas of the Davis Student Center are expected to aid students with the use of equipment and to make sure that all visitors to these areas conduct themselves responsibly and in a safe, respectable manner. The workers will also contribute to the general upkeep of the weight room and student lounge.


Some students are assigned to the on-campus daycare facility where they assist with taking care of the small children of employees at Alice Lloyd College and The June Buchanan School.

Classroom Janitors

Basically, students are required to clean all classroom facilities.

Guest Houses/Janitorial

Student workers are tasked with cleaning the campus guest houses — the two “IF” apartments, Miss June’s House, and the President’s Guest House.

Learning how to be an effective, upstanding member of society, and possessing work experience employers look for are probably the biggest assets that ALC graduates possess.

A poor man served by thee shall make thee rich;


A sick man helped by thee shall make thee strong;


Thou shalt be served thyself by every sense


Of service which thou renderest.

Work Awards and Olympics

Work Awards and Olympics

One outstanding worker from each work area is given recognition for his or her accomplishments. He or she is presented with a plaque at the annual Student Work Awards Convocation. The work areas include: academic aides, administrative assistants, ALC Admissions Team, Campbell Arts Center janitors, The June Buchanan School janitors, computer lab workers, computer technicians, craft shop workers, daycare, campus maintenance/grounds, guest house janitors, gym janitors, Hunger Din workers, intramurals, June Buchanan Alumni Center janitors, Andersen Science Center janitors, library assistants, lifeguards, maintenance workers, men’s and women’s dorm janitors, men’s and women’s Resident Advisors, WWJD-FM Radio Station/Marketing & Communications workers, Davis Student Center janitors, and library janitors.

In addition, a work award is given for each of the following categories: Outstanding Student Worker of the Year, Outstanding Supervisor of the Year, and Senior Work Award. The Senior Work Award is based on the performance of a student worker’s entire time at Alice Lloyd College.

The Student Work Olympics, a series of fun games among competing work groups, begins immediately following the Student Work Awards Convocation. At the end of the day, scores for each event are tallied and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams are determined. These teams are recognized at the evening meal (generally a picnic when the weather permits). The first place team is given an award, which is usually a pizza party for all team members that participated in the Olympics. This event is organized with the help of the Student Work Committee, Student Work Supervisors and assistants, the Director of the Student Work Program, the administrative assistants, custodians, and many other volunteers.

Questions? Please contact:

The Student Work Office
Phone: (606) 368-6065

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