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John Stanczak from Brentwood, Tennessee, insists he wasn’t a good student growing up. He didn’t like to read, and he says this caused him not to learn as well as he should have. However, Mr. Stanczak’s life took him on a journey that would teach him the necessity of a quality education and the value of hard work. 

Now retired, Mr. Stanczak enjoys spending time with his four children while working on his newfound interest: writing. Although he often says he wasn’t a good student, he acknowledges he always did well in his writing classes. So far, Mr. Stanczak has written and published four novels and is wrapping up his fifth. A huge proponent of Alice Lloyd College, Mr. Stanczak has graciously decided the profits from his most recent publication, America, of Thee I Sing, and his upcoming book, Bare Knuckles Justice, should go to ALC.

When Mr. Stanczak first learned about Alice Lloyd College, he was fascinated with its story and identified with our mission. Despite not enjoying school, Mr. Stanczak made good grades and worked his way to Bradley University, where he attended for a semester before joining the United States Army. He said it was during his time in the army that he developed his values of hard work and servant leadership and discovered the importance of a quality education.

After his leaving the service, Mr. Stanczak attended Lake Forest College, where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Management. His degree helped him take on a large role at his job with Johnson Motors Division of Outboard Marine Corporation. Mr. Stanczak believes that ALC teaches the importance of a strong work ethic and servant leadership skills like he learned while serving our country and that the College provides Appalachian students with a quality education like the one that has been crucial to his success. 

As he continued to learn about the College’s mission to provide affordable, high-quality education to deserving young people, Mr. Stanczak began supporting the College and the June Buchanan School. Mr. Stanczak has visited the College twice and hopes to visit campus again this fall. Mr. Stanczak is impressed by the College’s Student Work Program. He says the program is a “win-win” for students as it not only helps pay for their education and keeps the College running smoothly, but it also teaches them valuable work skills that they will use after graduation. He believes ALC is a “haven” and “jewel” in a primitive area of Eastern Kentucky that’s “a place where students can find themselves and attain their goals.” 

Mr. Stanczak’s favorite part of visiting Alice Lloyd is watching the students interact. “The students are all respectful students and it makes for a magical atmosphere at Alice Lloyd College. It’s a jewel in the wilderness.” He says the upkeep of the campus’ facilities and grounds is astonishing. The beautiful campus and hard work of the student leaders the College is creating is a testament to the vision of the College’s founders and their mission that is still thriving over 100 years later. 

Mr. Stanczak is “100% ALC” and hopes his contributions will help a student graduate from the College to become a leader for our great nation. He is always introducing Alice Lloyd College to everyone he meets in the hopes more will contribute to the quality, character-based education and work ethic that the College provides students.