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Faculty & Staff Directory

Adams, Larry Director of Operations and Human Resources Manager (606) 368-6030
Amburgey, Leisha Bookstore Manager  (606) 368-6022 
Arnett, Phillip Admissions Counselor
Arnold, Brandon Assistant Professor of P.E. 
Assistant Cross Country & Track Coach
Associate Women’s Basketball Coach
(606) 368-6132
Ashley, Amy Cashier/Accounts Receivable Clerk (606) 368-6032
Baker, Joshua Director of College Relations (606) 368-6123
Bentley, Lonnie IT Network Technician (606) 368-6497
Brock, Emily Assistant to the Vice President of Academics/Academic Dean (606) 368-6061
Bublitz, Eric Maintenance Technician    
Buckner, David Assistant Professor of History
Buttrey, Brittney

Director of Career Services
Director of Convocation Series
Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
Childers, Rachel

Instructor of Business
Director of Entrepreneurial Program

(606) 368-6200

Clark, Amanda Dean of The June Buchanan School   (606) 368-6108 
Cook, Shelia Assistant Director of Donor Solicitations  (606) 368-6048 
Cornett, Scott Senior Vice President for Student Services (606) 368-6120 
Cumatz-Mendez, Elena Coordinator of Donor Communications
Dexter, Michael Assistant Professor of Biology (606) 368-6076
Duff, Margaret Director of Health Services  (606) 368-6122 
Dunaway, Brynnan Caney Cottage Director    
Galloway, Jeannie    Director of the McGaw Library and Learning Center (606) 368-6113 
Gayheart, David Security Police Officer
Adjunct Sociology Instructor
(606) 368-6060
Gayheart, Brandon Security Police Officer (606) 368-6060  
Summer, Lily Assistant Professor of Social Work
Title IX Coordinator
Gayheart, Mary Lou     Secretary for the Dean of Students & Community Life  (606) 368-6120 
Gibson, Ryan Director of Physical Plant  (606) 368-6130 
Grender, Teresa Director of Alumni Relations
Major Gifts Officer
(606) 368-6044 
Haigler, Billy Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry  (606) 368-6078 
Hall, Beatrice Payroll Administrator  (606) 368-6033 
Hall, Jennifer

Director of Marketing and Communications

(606) 368-6055
Hall, Joshua

Fleet Coordinator
Hall, Kandi Mailroom Director  (606) 368-6053 
Hall, Lisa Financial Aid Secretary  (606) 368-6058 
Hall, Lynni Accounts Payable Clerk   (606) 368-6034 
Hall, Nathan Campus Center Director
Head Women’s Softball and Volleyball Coach
(606) 368-6026
Hall, Tammi Assistant to the Director of the Physical Plant

(606) 368-6006 
Hamilton, Robert Professor of Biology (606) 368-6089
Hatfield, David Athletic Director
Associate Baseball Coach 
(606) 368-6012 
Herr, Ann Scholarship Coordinator (606) 368-6139 
Herr, Steve Professor of Education (606) 368-6091
Hicks, Janice Technical Services Librarian  (606) 368-6114 
Hicks, Kari Assistant Daycare Director
Holliday, Burnette Assistant Bookstore Manager
Holt, Jamie Public Services Librarian (606) 368-6117 
Holt, Natalie Assistant Professor of English
CAC Tech
Huff, Menefee Project Manager Coordinator (606) 368-6067  
Jacobs, Billy Maintenance  (606) 368-6006  
Jacobs, Denise Assistant Professor of Business
Chairperson of Business Division
(606) 368-6092 
Johnson, David Professor of Business
Consultant to Business Manager
(606) 368-6031 
Jones, Crystal Director of Foundation and Corporate Giving
Assistant Director of Development
(606) 368-6045 
Lander, Juan Men & Women Head Soccer Coach 
Weightroom Director
Student Institutional Director
Assistant Baseball & Basketball Coach
Lechlitner, Ryan Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Little, Daisha Executive Assistant (606) 368-6027
Little, Joseph Director of Enrollment Management

(606) 368-6058
Loggins, Ryne Director of Intramurals
JV Baseball & Basketball Coach
Recruiter for Athletics
 (606) 368-6121
Marshall, Charles Vice President for Academic Affairs
Melton, Arthur Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 
Division Head for Social Science and Humanities
Mills, John Dean of StudentsInstructor of Business
Director of Housing
ALC Women’s Basketball Coach
(606) 368-6121 
Morris, Ryan Director of Prospect Research
Assistant to the President
Mullins, Amanda Financial Aid Counselor  (606) 368-6058
Nairn, Tori Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (606) 368-6146
Neace, Marsha Assistant Professor of Mathematics (606) 368-6452 
Noble, Toby Information Technology Technician  (606) 368-6494
Noroski, Joseph Assistant Professor of Chemistry/Physics (606) 368-6074
Owens, Brittney Buttrey Coordinator of Foundation and Donor Research (606) 368-6049 
Pemberton, Glenn Custodian of Campus Center (606) 368-6065
Pitts, Sara Assistant Professor of Communications (606) 368-6083
Pollard, Lenore Professor of Business Administration (606) 368-6094 
Pryor, Janelle Professor of Biology (606) 368-6072 
Ratliff, Kerry Dean of Student Work Program (606) 368-6063 
Reagan, Ty Assistant to the Director of Marketing    Webmaster (606) 368-6156 [email protected]
Ringl, Samantha Associate Professor of Education
Roberts, Jolene Director of Advancement Services (606) 368-6046
Rubin, Mark Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Rubin, Mindy Retention Coordinator
Admissions Counselor
Salmons, Cynthia     Assistant Professor of English (606) 368-6081 
Saylor, Wendy Director of The Voices of Appalachia
Instructor of Math
(606) 368-6082
Scarberry, Eddie    Director of Information Technology (606) 368-6495 
Schroeder, Mason Athletic Recruiting Coordinator Instructor of Business
Head JV Women’s Basketball Coach
Assistant Volleyball Coach
Assistant Softball Coach
Slone, Dewayne Custodian  (606) 368-6063 
Slone, Diamond Maintenance (606) 368-6130  
Slone, Jerry Professor of Business (606) 368-6102 
Slone, Katrina Associate Professor of Education
Director of Institutional Research
Slone, Phillip Chief of Police  (606) 368-2121
Slone, Ronald Maintenance (606) 368-6006  
Slone, William Instructor of Math    
Smith, Craig Maintenance (606) 368-6006  
Smith-Daugherty, Rhonda Associate Professor of History (606) 368-6097 
Southard, Allison Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement  (606) 368-6024
Sparkman, Albert     Maintenance (606) 368-6006  
Stepp, Gary Dean of Men
Associate Men’s Basketball Coach
Sports Information Director
(606) 368-6105
Stepp, James President of Alice Lloyd College (606) 368-6027
Stepp, Joe Chancellor of Alice Lloyd College (606) 368-6027
Stepp, Lisa Assistant Professor of CIS
Assistant Director of Institutional Research
Stumbo, Christine Dean of Women
Student Success Coordinator 
Professor of Sociology
(606) 368-6125
Thornsbury, Kala Registrar (606) 368-6044
Turner, Leonard Security Police Officer    
Turner, Mary Director of Admissions
Director of Campus Ministries
(606) 368-6014
Turner, Shena Admissions Office Assistant (606) 368-6146
Watts, Arlene Business Office Manager and Controller (606) 368-6035
Watts, Gary Print Shop Supervisor (606) 368-6047
Watts, Larry Security Police Officer (606) 368-6060  
Watts, Sherry    Secretary to the Education Department (606) 368-6003
Whitner, Jerri Assistant to the Marketing Director (606) 368-6156
Wilks, Jessie Business Manager
Yeary, Paul Professor of Chemistry
Chairperson Natural Science & Mathematics 
(606) 368-6077
Young, Larry Security Police Officer