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Federal and state financial aid funds are available to eligible students enrolled in qualifying study abroad or exchange programs. Institutional scholarships (in combination with federal and state aid funds) are available for certain study abroad programs. Enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Alice Lloyd’s Registrar may be considered as regular enrollment at ALC for purposes of applying for student financial aid. Eligibility for financial aid programs is generally determined the same way it is for a student studying on campus at Alice Lloyd College. The major difference is the Cost of Attendance which will be based on the anticipated expenses applicable to your study abroad or consortium agreement. The expenses applicable are provided to the Financial Aid Office by the Office of International Programs, by the host school which has provided information via a consortium agreement, or the faculty member overseeing the trip. Students in a study abroad program approved for credit by our Registrar’s Office should contact the Financial Aid Office for specific details regarding eligibility and procedures. Federal regulations prohibit students from receiving federal and state aid for concurrent enrollment at multiple institutions and Federal loan limits still apply.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act -Access the college’s student records privacy policy. The policy can be found on page 63 of the current Student Program Catalog.

Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics

Fire Safety Report

Drug Free Institution PolicyALC is a drug free institution.

Institutional Policy Regarding VaccinationsFor information please contact Health Services at 606-368-6122.

Institutional Policy Regarding Copyright Infringement and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data – For more information contact Gary Stepp at 606-368-6105.

ALC Accreditations

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Retention, Completion and Graduation Rates

Transfer StudentsFor more information please contact Mary Turner at 606-368-6014.

Constitution Day -The Convocation Series will organize our Constitution Day program to be held each year in September.

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Financial Aid Office

Toll Free 1-888-280-4252
Local  606-368-6058
On-Campus  Extension 6058

100 Purpose Rd
Pippa Passes, KY 41844

Admissions Office

Toll Free  1-888-280-4252
Local  606-368-6036
On-Campus  Extension 6036

Athletic Directors Office

Toll Free  1-888-280-4252
Local  606-368-6105
On-Campus   Extension 6105

Campus Security and Safety Contact Information

Pippa Passes Police Department: (606) 368-2121
Emergencies, Crimes in progress, Fire, Medical: 911
Pippa Passes Police Chief: (606) 368-6060
Dean of Student’s Office: (606) 368-6120
Campus Health Services: (606) 368-6122
School Counselor: (606) 368-6110
Kentucky State Police: (606) 435-6069 or 911
Knott County Sheriff Department: (606) 785-5354
Pippa Passes Volunteer Fire Department: (606) 368-2702 (Business Calls Only) Emergency: 911
Rape Crisis Center: (606) 785-5066
KRCC Counseling and Drug/Alcohol Abuse Programs: (606) 785-3556
Outside Counseling: (606) 785-3556
Safe House: (606) 439-1552

U.S. Department of Education

Toll Free               1-800-433-3243


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