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Career Development Center

We’re glad you’ve discovered our webpage! Here, we are happy to provide you with an overview of our services.

The mission of the Alice Lloyd College Career Development Center is to help students and alumni:

  • Explore career options.
  • Develop effective job search skills.
  • Assess the current job market.
  • Connect with employers.
  • Obtain information about graduate or professional schools with the goal that students and alumni secure career-related employment or admission to graduate or professional school.

Reaching this goal is an ongoing process, which students should begin ideally by their sophomore year. The Career Center is available to advise and assist in every step of a student’s career path, helping to ensure a successful and satisfying transition to taking their first steps beyond their college years.

Career Success Plan

Freshman Year: Explore Majors and Careers

  • Think of college as time to develop knowledge and strengths both within and outside the classroom.
  • Learn how the Career Development Office can assist you to explore your education/career options.
  • Complete a skills inventory assessment.
  • Attend career exploration series and other career development seminars and workshops.
  • Participate in in extracurricular activities that enhance your skills and values.
  • Consider a service learning project.
  • Plan early for summer work and internships/co-ops.
  • If undecided about which major to choose, visit your Career Development Office, talk with your advisor, and consider a mentoring program. Explore your options!

Sophomore Year: Career Exploration

  • Meet with career counselor for help with deciding on or confirming your choice of a major and to research your options.
  • Attend Job Fairs and other career events to make initial contact with employers and learn about their career-related opportunities.
  • Set up informational interviews, mentoring or shadowing experiences with ALC alumni and/or business leaders.
  • Join campus organizations and consider leadership positions to gain experience and develop skills.

Junior Year: Evaluate Decisions and Recommit Goals

  • Consider cooperative education, internships and part-time jobs.
  • Begin networking with alumni and professionals in your field of interest.
  • Begin work on a resume that highlights your skills, knowledge and experiences as they relate to your future goals. Have it reviewed by your career counselor.
  • Participate in study abroad programs and semester study programs.
  • Attend the Job Fair and other career events to speak to employers recruiting for internships, Co-op, and seasonal job opportunities.
  • Research graduate and professional school options. Visit schools!
  • Take graduate school entrance exams (GREs).

Senior Year: Career Decision and Implementation

  • Attend Senior Class meetings in the fall.
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed by your career counselor.
  • Make sure you are registered to utilize and participate in career fairs and career development seminars and that your resume is updated in the database.
  • Find out about the On-Campus Interviewing Program and other employer benefits.
  • Attend appropriate employer presentations and receptions.
  • Use the career-related Internet sites to research employers and locate job openings, including Co-op and internships.
  • Develop a job search action plan and use the Career Development resources to identify employers.
  • Prepare for your job interviews. Attend an interviewing skills workshop and view the interviewing videos.
  • Request a free copy of Job Choices, a guide to employment nationwide.
  • Consider joining an appropriate professional or trade association.
  • Identify faculty and/or work supervisors who will provide a favorable reference.
  • Participate in local and regional job fairs, and other career events in the area.

Online Resources

To utilize some of our excellent resources, please visit our Student Occupational Information page. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact us directly or stop in!

Career Services Office Hours

Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
Evenings by appointment


Janet Johnson, Career Services Director


2nd floor of Jerry C. Davis Student Center, Room 208

Contact Information:

Alice Lloyd College Career Service Office
100 Purpose Rd
Pippa Passes, KY 41844

Phone: (606) 368-6136
FAX: (606) 368-6217


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