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In 1915, Mrs. Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd arrived in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. Mrs. Lloyd came humbly in a horse-drawn cart with few possessions, but she leaves behind a towering legacy of service and dedication that is still changing Appalachia. Mrs. Lloyd saw a great need for education in Appalachia, as she knew the transformative power that came with it. She believed everyone should have the opportunity to earn a quality education, and it was her divine commission to ensure that no student willing to work for it was turned away for a lack of funding. With faith as firm as a rock and hope as aspirations as these mountains, her efforts culminated in the creation of the Caney Creek Community Center, which became Alice Lloyd College.

Over 100 years later, Alice Lloyd College remains committed to the mission and the values of its founder. ALC is a highly respected, private, four-year liberal arts institution in Pippa Passes, KY, with a reputation for providing a character-based leadership education to the future leaders of the Appalachian Region. Because of the work-study model that we employ, students have the opportunity to work off tuition costs while earning valuable, real-world work experience. To this day, ALC has kept Mrs. Lloyd’s promise. Thanks to our work-study program and our generous friends across the United States, ALC has never turned away a qualified student who is willing to do his or her part.

We believe so powerfully in the potential and character of our students that we guarantee the cost of tuition for those residing in our 108-county service area. For this reason, we are continually recognized by U.S. News and World Report as “One of the Top College in the Nation for Graduating Students with the Least Amount of Debt” and are ranked nationally in Forbes Magazine as one of the most financially fit colleges in America.

This website is designed to be a window into the Alice Lloyd College experience, and a way to stay updated on the many exciting things happening in Pippa Passes as we strive to build the liberal arts college experience of the 21st century. We are continually blessed by God to receive an outpouring of support for building a quality educational experience, fostering an exciting student life, maintaining a distinguished intellectual community, and providing the future leaders of our Appalachian region with world-class education right here on the banks of Caney Creek! If you need further assistance, such as with scheduling a tour, please do not hesitate to contact us.

President Jim Stepp

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JBAC 2nd Floor
Room 290