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Ways to Make a Gift

Alice Lloyd College has always been fortunate to have faithful and generous alumni and friends who support the leadership initiatives set forth by its founders, Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan. As a private, non-profit, educational institution, every dollar given is extremely important and very much appreciated.

You may like to know that 89.4% of our annual budget goes directly toward providing educational opportunities to Appalachian students. Less than 11% is used for administration costs, which includes 7% used for fundraising purposes.

  • 56% of graduates are first-generation, 4-year college grads.
  • 83% of graduates remain in Appalachia to serve as leaders.
  • 89.4% of donations go directly to educating students.

There are many ways to give to ALC:

Give Online

Make a one-time gift with your credit card on a secure site, or you may contact our Development Office to set up a recurring gift.

Give Now!

To set up a recurring gift, please contact Allison Southard at (606) 368-6024 or via e-mail at


Mail a check or money order made payable to Alice Lloyd College to:

Alice Lloyd College
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844

Endowment Gifts

Building and maintaining a solid endowment is a priority at Alice Lloyd College. Currently, the College must raise over 50% of its annual operating funds. Increasing endowment for long-term financial security is a constant need.

Types of Endowment Gifts

The donor has the option to determine whether a gift for endowment is restricted or unrestricted.

Unrestricted Endowment Gifts

A donor wishing to allow the College to determine how endowment funds can best be utilized will make an unrestricted gift. This gift can be of any amount the donor desires.

Restricted Endowment Gifts

When a donor has a specific purpose or project in mind, the gift may be restricted as endowment for that particular objective as long as it agrees with the mission statement and policies of Alice Lloyd College. A gift of $10,000 or more is needed to establish a new restricted endowment fund. The new fund can be “named” for the donor or another person whom the donor wishes to honor. The donor will be asked to complete a formal Guidelines and Criteria form to assist ALC in appropriating the earnings. An existing endowment fund may be added to at any time.

Planned Giving

June Buchanan once said, “Put us in your will, and we’ll pray you live forever!”

Planned Gifts to Alice Lloyd College include bequests made through a will provision, as well as those gifts which allow donors to give a future interest in property (cash, securities, real estate, etc.) while retaining income or a benefit for life. Regardless of the arrangement, a planned gift serves to ensure quality learning opportunities for future Central Appalachian students served by Alice Lloyd College.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Click here (pdf) to find out if your company has a matching gift policy!

Since the College neither receives nor solicits direct financial support from the local, state or federal governments, and guarantees no out-of-pocket costs for tuition to students from 108 Central Appalachian counties, the College relies heavily on private gift income. Foundation and corporate giving is especially important to our school. Foundations provide an average of 53% of the College’s annual income, with corporations contributing roughly 2%. Through the financial assistance these entities provide, the College has been able to construct, renovate and make annual improvements on its facilities throughout campus to bring them up to a 20-year standard. We are grateful for the confidence our supporters have demonstrated through their giving.

Check with your employer to see if they participate in a matching gifts program.

For additional information on Foundation and Corporate Giving, you may contact:

Crystal Jones, Director of Foundation and Corporate Giving
Phone: (606) 368-6045

Mail: Institutional Advancement Office
Alice Lloyd College
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844


Would you like to contribute to Alice Lloyd College, but you just don’t have the money at the current moment?  Would you perhaps like to give a substantial gift, but feel the need to “spread it out” over time?  If either of these scenarios fit you, then making a pledge to Alice Lloyd College may be your best option. By downloading the online Pledge Form (pdf), you can indicate how much you would like to donate and how long it will take you to pay off your pledge. Mailing the completed form to our Institutional Advancement Office lets us know that your gift is on its way, and also gives you the satisfaction of being a part of Alice Lloyd College!

Mail the completed form to:

Alice Lloyd College
Office of Institutional Advancement
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844


Stocks, bonds, or other appreciated securities can be donated. Click here for instructions on transferring securities. 


Non-cash gifts such as equipment, automobiles, or other tangible property can be donated. An appraisal prepared by an independent party is required before we can place a dollar value on such gifts.

Annual Alumni Gift

It is very important for alumni to make at least one gift during each fiscal year (August 1 – July 31) to help with our annual giving percentage. Each year, the Office of Alumni Relations in conjunction with the Office of Marketing & Communications conducts a Phonathon during ALC’s Alumni Appeal, which runs from April to the end of July. Representatives (very often students) from the College call alumni members who have not yet made their annual donation to invite them to make gifts in support of ALC’s important mission. For us, it’s not the amount that you give that counts — it’s the fact that you gave!


Due to the generosity of alumni, staff, trustees, churches, societies, businesses, foundations, and countless friends across America, full-time students from the College’s 108-county service area in Central Appalachia – most deemed “economically distressed” by the Appalachian Regional Commission — may attend Alice Lloyd College regardless of financial circumstances. Tuition is guaranteed through several sources, but in particular through scholarships that fund the supreme financial aid packages available to qualified students.

Academic Scholarships & Awards

Each spring, outstanding students are honored during Alice Lloyd College’s annual Academic Honors and Awards Program (often shortened to “Honors Day”). During this required convocation students are recognized before their peers for their exceptional academic performance and servant-leadership qualities. Awards range from certificates of recognition to generous cash awards which are typically made possible by donors who make annual gifts or establish endowed awards to provide the funding.

Student Work Scholarships

All full-time students are required to work a minimum of 10 hours per week in the College’s mandatory Student Work Program.

Alice Lloyd College is one of only seven work colleges in the nation. We believe that teaching students to work not only helps them pay their own way, but it also develops valuable skills — self-help, responsibility, time management, pride in a job well done, and leadership — that will provide an edge when they enter the job market.

You see, we run the Student Work Program much like a real-life job. Students typically start at the bottom as janitors, grounds maintenance, dishwashers, etc. Then, they can apply for other positions such as office assistants, lab technicians, teachers’ aides, or computer data entry staff. Finally, outstanding students have the opportunity to work as Resident Advisors in dormitories or Student Supervisors over specific work areas.

Annual Renewable Scholarships

Typically, an annual gift of $500 will provide a partial scholarship for one student for one semester, which, combined with work-study and grants, will help cover the student’s cost of education. The cost of education for one student for one year is stated at $8,500, but the true cost is probably closer to $20,000.

Endowed Scholarships

Generous donors who desire to make a permanent commitment to helping Appalachian students often establish endowed scholarship funds, the principal of which is held in our investments portfolio and only the earnings are used to provide annual scholarships. The suggested minimum endowed scholarship is $10,000; however, the larger the fund, the more earnings it will generate for student assistance. Endowed scholarships can be named for the donor or in honor of someone else; and the donor has the option of establishing specific criteria and guidelines to help the College select worthy students for the awards. The College will provide annual reports on earnings and student recipients.

Special Fundraising Projects

All of these projects are essential to enabling Alice Lloyd College to continue to provide a high-quality education to students. The projects are transformational and geared toward enhancing student learning by upgrading facilities and improving on-campus living conditions.

Alice Lloyd College accepts no direct federal or state funding, charges no tuition, and, by definition, incurs no debt. Your assistance with one or more of these projects would be greatly appreciated.

Click here to see a list of projects for which support is currently being sought.

Clothing Exchange

Almost as old as the Caney Creek Community Center itself is a trading post of sorts called “The Exchange.” Originally, “The Exchange” was a place where local people could bring their excess supplies, such as vegetables, eggs, livestock and coal and exchange them for clothing and shoes which were sent to Caney Creek Community Center by Mrs. Lloyd’s friends “up north.” The supplies brought for exchange were then used in operating the Community Center.

Today, “The Exchange” is still in operation, although on a different scale. We now receive packages of clothing, shoes, books and almost everything imaginable from donors across the nation. The College uses what it can of the goods, then makes the rest available to students, staff and the local community. Consumers no longer bring things to trade, but pay minimal prices for the goods. The funds generated from “The Exchange” are used for general operating purposes of Alice Lloyd College and The June Buchanan School.

If, in going through your closets or attic, you find gently used items you no longer need, you might consider sending them to “The Exchange” via parcel post or UPS.

The address is:

Caney Creek Community Center
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844

Christmas Pretties

Christmas Pretties 2The Christmas Pretties Program began soon after Mrs. Lloyd arrived on Caney Creek in 1917. Her mother, Ella Geddes, quickly realized that the children of the mountain hollows rarely received Christmas gifts because, at that time, the families were too poor to buy more than the bare necessities. Each summer, Mrs. Geddes wrote to friends in Boston asking for donations of toys, books, mittens, caps and scarves to be wrapped and given out to the children of Caney Creek in December. Church groups and women’s societies helped by knitting the mittens, caps and scarves and shipping them to Pippa Passes each fall, while others sent store-bought dolls, balls, pens, pencils and storybooks. Mrs. Geddes, with the help of Caney students, did the rest. The old slogan, “We don’t give anything away around here until Christmastime,” referred to the Christmas Pretties Program.

As Mrs. Lloyd graduated young teachers and built new schools in the outlying communities, the requests for “pretties” grew. Teachers would send in their lists of student names, and gifts would be sent out to the schools. After Mrs. Geddes passed away, others carried on the tradition – and it still continues today. In some years, there were as many as 5,000 gifts prepared and given throughout the Central Appalachian area to school children who oftentimes received no other gifts at Christmas. Today, the Program has scaled down somewhat, mainly because there are other organizations who provide similar assistance for the needy. But, there are still children who look forward to the “pretties” from Alice Lloyd College. It’s a tradition of several generations now, and it adds to the spirit of Christmas by creating lifetime memories for children, young and old. The Christmas Pretties Program will continue as long as friends support the program by sending in the “pretties” or funds to help purchase suitable items.

If you want to contribute to the Christmas Pretties Program, you can send a check or a box of gift items to the address below:

Caney Creek Community Center
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844

Housing for the Voices of Appalachia

Each year during spring break, the choir tours various regions of the United States to share their music and the story of Alice Lloyd College. You may host students in your home during one of these tours. Arrangements are made through our choir director and hosting organizations. Only “soft credit” is given for this gift of service.

Support for The June Buchanan School

The June Buchanan School is a K-12 college-preparatory school on the campus of Alice Lloyd College. Donations to The June Buchanan School will help fund scholarships for students attending the school. For more information, please visit this page.