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Information Technology

Alice Lloyd College’s Information Technology (IT) Department provides and maintains network and email accounts to all of its faculty, staff, and students as well as maintaining the EagleNet Portal. The Information Technology Department also provides and supports all ALC owned equipment.

The department provides access and support to a campus-wide wireless system as well as hard-wired ports in each building including residence halls.

This Get Support link will only work if an employee of Information Technology directs you here to use this. For all other support, use the Support Form at the bottom of the page. 


Telephones are not available in residence hall dorm rooms but phones are available in common areas of the residence halls.

Student Computing

Student Use public access computing areas consist of:

  • Baum Lab: 60 units, Monochrome and Color Laser Printer. Location: IT office area
  • McGaw Library: 16 units, Monochrome and Color Laser Printer
  • Business Resource Center: 13 units, Monochrome Printer. Location: Commodore Slone Business Building
  • Education Curriculum Center: 6 units, Monochrome Printer. Location: June Buchanan Alumni Center 1st Floor
  • English Resource Center: 4 units, Monochrome Printer. Location: June Buchanan Alumni Center 1st Floor
  • Science Resource Center: 6 Units, Monochrome Printer. Location: Anderson Science Center 3rd Floor
  • Social Science Lab: 4 units, Monochrome Printer. Location: June Buchanan Alumni Center 2nd Floor
  • Berger Study Lab: 4 Units, Monochrome Printer. Location: Berger Dorm 2nd Floor
  • Lilly Study Lab: 4 Units, Monochrome Printer. Location: Lilly Dorm. 2nd Floor
  • Carrick Study Lab: 2 Units, Monochrome Printer. Location: Carrick Dorm, 2nd floor
  • Community Lab– E-sports gaming-no printing. Location: Campus Center 1st floor

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of laptop should I bring to college?

Any of today’s laptops will be efficient, but we recommend something running Windows 10.  We do not recommend a MacBook or Chromebook

Do I need a printer?

We have printing capabilities in all public access computing areas, so a personal printer is not required.  Although, if you do bring one please be advised that you will have to use the cable method as wireless printing is not compatible with our Wireless platform.

Does ALC provide the Microsoft Office Suite to students?

Yes, all current students have access to install the Office Suite. This is a self-driven platform and is installed from the Webmail access. Click here to find instructions on how install the Office Suite (pdf).

Please note that the Alice Lloyd College Information Technician Department does not provide support to attaching gaming consoles or streaming media devices to the network.  The IT department also cannot provide support to personally owned devices, other than attempting to get it established to an internet connection. Sometimes the IT department might make recommendations but cannot perform the task themselves. 

Support Request Form

IT Form

Location and Hours of Operation

The IT Department is located in the Baum Technology Center on the first floor of the McGaw Library and Learning Center. 

Hours of Operation: 

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Contact Us: 

Phone: (606) 368-6497