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Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of 12-20 members. Board members are active throughout the year as they serve on various committees including the Special Events Committee, the Awards Committee, the Student Life Committee, the Alumni Fund Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Alumni Admissions Committee.


Jerry Wayne Slone, President (1978) – Pippa Passes, Kentucky

Pauline Collins-Triplett, First Vice President (1955) – Greenville, Ohio

Jann Stamper, Second Vice President (1977) – Knoxville, Tennessee

Board of Directors:

Brittney Adams (2010) – Whitesburg, Kentucky

Marsha Caudill (1985) – Georgetown, Kentucky

Gary Conley (1968) – Owingsville, Kentucky

Glen Hale (1967) – Mallie, Kentucky

Nikki Johnson (2016) – Prestonsburg, Kentucky

Charles Marshall (1999) – Hazard, Kentucky

Lace Halcomb-Patton (2007) – Martin, Kentucky

Sheilah Jones Ratliff (1982) – Harold, Kentucky

Chuck Stamper (1991) – Paintsville, Kentucky

Brandon Stapleton (2007) – Lexington, KY

Joyce Whitaker (1951) – Blackey, Kentucky

Ex-Officio Members:

Teresa Grender – Director of Alumni Relations

Margo Sparkman – Director of Development