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Health Services

The campus infirmary, located on the second floor of the Jerry C. Davis Student Center, is open for sick call Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. At other times, sickness and emergencies should be reported to the Head Resident (if in dorm) or someone in the Student Services Office who will then contact Margaret Duff, the College Nurse and Director of Student Health Services. Dorm visits by the nurse are reserved for critical or emergency situations. In general, sick students are expected to visit the infirmary, which is equipped to serve routine medical needs. When the nurse deems it necessary, she may excuse students from class. Nearby medical facilities can be utilized for illnesses and emergencies of a more serious nature.

Need to contact the infirmary? Call (606) 368-6122.

Alice Lloyd College employs and trains its own First Response Team. First Response Team Members are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, should you need to report a medical emergency, please contact your Head Resident, Dorm Director, or someone in the Student Affairs Office (ext. 6120).

Hermann Hall Dorm Director: (606) 368-6118
Carrick Dorm Director: (606) 368-6054
Berger-Auen Dorm Director: (606) 368-6445
Howard Hall Dorm Director: (606) 368-6444

Appalachian Regional Medical Centers:
Hazard: (606) 439-6600
McDowell: (606) 377-3400
Whitesburg: (606) 633-3500

Saint Joseph Hospital – Martin: (606) 285-6400
East Kentucky Health Care Center, Mallie, Kentucky: (606) 785-3164
June Buchanan Clinic, Hindman, Kentucky: (606) 785-3175
Little Flower Free Clinic: (606) 785-3880
Knott County Health Department: (606) 785-3144