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Student Activities, Clubs and Organizations

Even though ALC occupies a small campus, we offer a large variety of activities in which our students may participate. Whatever your passion – be it athletics, the performing arts, community service, student government, spirituality, intellectual pursuits, or creative expression – we have something for you.  

Many of our departments have created clubs and honor societies, most of which have a keen interest in carrying out some kind of community service. If you have a specific interest, check out the College’s departments and programs to find out more about what is available to you.  

A number of our clubs, organizations, and activities are student-generated, so there is always the possibility that something new will come along in which you can focus your free time and energy. Here we have compiled a list of the aspects of student life that you will most often encounter at ALC. If you happen not to find one of your passions or interests represented in our list, make a note of it and bring that idea with you to campus. We’d love to hear it!      

For more information, contact:

David Hatfield, Director of Intramurals and Student Activities
Phone: (606) 368-6012

Resident Advisors

There are two Head R.A.s and three Assistant Head R.A.s and 27 R.A.s serving as student staff members in the dorms. These students spend a week each fall in an intensive training program and continue weekly seminars throughout the school year. They are in good academic and social standing which facilitate their role as student leaders. They are responsible for monitoring student behavior, and, when serving assigned weekend duties, planning activities for students remaining on campus.



Student Government Association

Eleven students serve as officers of the Student Government Association. The SGA is a representative body which presents the views and suggestions of students to aid in motivating educational development of the students. The SGA also reviews curriculum, student activities, and College policies, rules, and regulations, and makes recommendations to the College administration. The president of the student body is elected each spring to serve the following year. The duties of the president of the student body include working with the student government to plan social events and college forums, conferring with the administrative staff as a representative of the student body, cooperating with the Student Services Office in programs sponsored by staff and students, and organizing new approaches toward the enhancement of student life.


Student Activities Board

A Student Activities Board is chosen each year to assist the Director of Student Activities. The student members elect a Chairman of the Board who will then lead the other members in such duties as: decorating, checking IDs at dances, planning special events, etc. The members of the Board will ask for suggestions from the student body, and these suggestions will be brought to the attention of the Board.


Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda is the college version of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). It is a national organization that better prepares students for careers in business and business-related fields. Regardless of career field choice, business affects every area of employment. Thus, this organization is open to all Alice Lloyd College students regardless of their major or discipline.

The purpose of the Omega Alpha Tau Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is to provide additional opportunities for college students to develop skills in the area of administration and to promote a sense of civic and personal responsibility. The specific goals are to develop competent, aggressive business leadership; to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work; to create more interest and understanding of American business enterprise; to develop character; to prepare for useful citizenship and foster patriotism; to encourage scholarship; and to promote school loyalty.


Voices of Appalachia

Members of the College’s choir, Voices of Appalachia, are selected each year by the choir director. The choir is composed of a variable number of students with a faculty director and an accompanist. The choir tours each spring, traveling to communities throughout the United States, and presents a concert for the campus each Christmas and in April. Student members rehearse two days each week throughout the school year.

On their tours, choir members quickly discover that audiences share their love of the Appalachian Mountains. Conveyed are the deep feelings that mountain people have of their beautiful green-forested mountains, their families, their joys and sorrows.The tours are an invaluable educational experience. Students grow personally from living and working together as a group. They benefit from a sense of accomplishment and a joy in sharing with newfound friends.

Although few choir members have had formal musical training, critics frequently comment on the beautiful harmonies, fresh approach, and strong enthusiasm. The unique style of the “Voices” is indigenous to the mountains and dates back to pre-Elizabethan times, as do many of their songs.


Student Ministry

ALC has an active Campus Student Ministry that is open to all denominations. Activities include weekly prayer sessions, dorm Bible studies, discipleship training, various mission projects, participation in creative ministry and musical ensemble ministry teams, as well as several state and national events. Campus Ministry has regularly organized date auctions, movie nights, “pancake nights,” concerts, and more. The Campus Ministries Coordinator is available to mentor students in their spiritual development.

All members and interested students can also keep up with Revive on Facebook.



The ALC radio station, WWJD-FM, is an educational non-commercial radio station owned and operated by the College. It is assigned a frequency of 91.7 MHz and an effective radiated power of 7.3 kilowatts and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Its studios are located in the historic Eagle’s Nest on the campus of Alice Lloyd College.

WWJD-FM features inspirational programming 24 hours every day as a public service to the community surrounding Pippa Passes, including the towns of Campton, Harlan, Hazard, Hindman, Pikeville, Prestonsburg, Salyersville, and Whitesburg.

A radio station manager is responsible for the operation of the station, including its management and public relations. The manager supervises students who are part of the Student Work Program as they perform various tasks in the station’s operation. The station broadcasts home games for the Eagles and Lady Eagles basketball teams and seasonal musical programming. Call (606) 368-6131 for further information about WWJD-FM.


CAC Tech

* CAC = Campbell Arts Center

This group specializes in the sound, projection, and lighting for various campus events. Along with recording the Voices of Appalachia on CD, these students, under the guidance of choir director Richard Bowers, set up and organize crews responsible for all of the behind-the-scenes, technical work for the Alice Lloyd College spring play, concerts, talent shows, Caney Convocation Series events, special programs for The June Buchanan School, dances, and many other activities in the Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts, the Ralph Edwards Auditorium, Cushing Hall, and elsewhere on-campus. The group also sets up hospitality rooms for campus guests and aids the Arts & Entertainment Club with showing movies during the semester.

The group has the capacity to book its own events, and for a fee, they will travel to nearby off-campus locations to help with the technical aspects of production.


Better Gaming Guild

The goal of this club is to provide gaming as an extracurricular “club” activity and to promote a positive interest in the various types of games that many ALC students already play on a regular basis.




Allied Health Club

The Allied Health Club is mainly a vehicle of information and a way of keeping in touch with others of similar interests in the health-oriented professions such as medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, pharmacy, medical technology, nursing, and other careers. Members learn about various health professions through speakers and field trips and are made aware of workshops, summer opportunities, entrance exams, procedures, and deadlines.




Dances are occasionally held on campus throughout the semester for students. Students must present their identification cards at all dances. All guests should be pre-registered with the Student Services Office before noon on the day of the dance. All guests and their student hosts are responsible for abiding by ALC’s rules. There is no charge for dances.




The Law Society

This is an academic society consisting of pre-law students and a faculty advisor who seeks to keep its members informed on current issues in legal professions. The Law Society was established to support students contemplating a career in law or in paralegal services. However, the society is open to all students who feel that they can benefit from participation. Meetings are conducted on a monthly basis.


Lions Club

Chartered in 2003, the Alice Lloyd Lions Club is part of a growing number of college Lions Clubs around the world. As a part of Lions Club International (the largest service organization in the world) college Lions Clubs seek to serve their fellow college students and communities through humanitarian efforts such as visual impairments, hearing impairments and other humanitarian endeavors.




Math/Science Education Club

The Math/Science Education Club is for students in middle school and secondary mathematics and/or science education. The primary purpose of this club is to offer information related to mathematics and science teaching that will assist students in preparation for their careers.


Photography Club

The ALC Photography Club meets regularly to discuss the materials, techniques and history of film and digital photography. At the meetings, participants take part in critiques of submitted works. In addition to regular meetings, students have the opportunity to participate in field trips to near-by locations of photographic interest.


The Billie and Curtis Owens Literary Society

The Billie and Curtis Owens Literary Society is an organization open to all students with an interest in creative writing and literature. Students may meet to discuss the works of established authors and to share their own writing. Funding is available for participants to travel to poetry and fiction readings as well as to other cultural events. Funding is also available to bring visiting authors to campus for workshops and readings. An eclectic approach to an appreciation of the literary arts will be encouraged. An annual writing competition in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction is also sponsored by this society. Monetary prizes are awarded at the annual Honors Day celebration.


The Eagle Theatre Club

ALC Theatre Club endeavors to increase awareness and appreciation of theatre within the ALC community as well as southeast Kentucky.  ALC Theatre Club seeks to provide a network for theatre enthusiasts and an opportunity for students to collaborate on theatre projects on the college campus and in the community.  ALC Theatre Club organizes multiple events throughout the year, some of which include fundraisers for continued improvement and support of ALC Theatre.  ALC Theatre Club is designed as a creative and supportive environment for students interested in all aspects of theatre, as well as a creative outlet for student actors, directors, designers, and playwrights to develop and share their craft. ALC students who wish to obtain more information about participating in ALC Theatre Club may contact Dr. Mullins at


Arts & Entertainment Club

This club seeks to cultivate students’ appreciation for the arts and to conduct activities aimed at bringing good fun and entertainment to campus. Participants show films every other Thursday at 8 PM in the Campbell Arts Center (CAC). Occasionally, club members will travel to see plays and other events of interest.


Impact Club

The Impact Club involves college students in campus and community service while developing skills in leadership and citizenship. The club sponsors toy and food drives, programs for needy children and the elderly, and other community projects.



Glow Volleyball

The purpose of the Alice Lloyd College Intramural Sports Program is to provide students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities to meet the recreational and competitive needs of Alice Lloyd College.

Various intramural activities are offered each year. Sign-ups are posted throughout each semester for each event. The Director of Intramural Activities publishes a handbook of information, regulations, and schedules.




The KEA-SP (Kentucky Education Association – Student Program) is a professional organization for education majors. It is affiliated with the Kentucky Education Association and the National Education Association. Its purpose is to foster development, commitment and service in the profession of education. It is required that all Teacher Education Program (TEP) students be KEA-SP members. KEA-SP membership is also required in order to complete field observation hours in Education 200.



Community Service Volunteers

The purpose of this organization is to provide technical assistance for students regarding volunteerism, community service and service learning, and to develop, support and promote volunteerism and its rewards for students. The organization’s coordinator is responsible for contacting community agencies to arrange for student placement, assessing the student’s experience, and evaluating with the student and agency any problems encountered.


Environmental & Outdoors Club

The Alice Lloyd College Environmental & Outdoors Club is a unique club on the ALC campus as it is both a student organization and a community organization. Started in 2006, the goals of the club are to foster environmental awareness on campus and in the ALC community. Projects include recycling, reclamation activities in various regional locations, campus and community clean-up, natural campus plantings and the restoration of the banks of Caney Creek as it flows through campus. Recently, club members have worked closely with Green Forests Work (GFW) and the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI).

The Caney Crazies

“The Caney Crazies” is the name given to the student cheering section at all home basketball games. Students often paint their bodies in ALC’s school colors and/or wear outrageous outfits. Modeled on the name of Duke University’s famous Cameron Crazies, the Caney Crazies take their name from Caney Creek, which flows through the Alice Lloyd campus.



ALC Crochet Group

ALC Crochet Group

ALC Crochet Group

The ALC Crochet Group meets on Sunday nights from 7 PM until 8:30 PM during the semester and welcomes folks of all ages and skill levels, including those who have no experience with crochet and would like to learn. Meetings are held in the June Buchanan Alumni Center, Room 250. In this group, you will:

  • Learn to knit or crochet
  • Help teach others to knit or crochet
  • Share projects you’re working on
  • Share tips, techniques, and patterns
  • Just hang out with like-minded folks who love working with yarn

If you have kitting needles or crochet hooks, bring them along with you. These items are not required, though. This group is very informal and flexible, so drop in whenever you can!

For more information, contact Charlene Bentley.


The Hiking and Camping Club

This is also an open-ended group that meets to plan outings in various locations. Many of the students enjoy hiking to “High Rocks,” a beautiful overlook just above the ALC campus.




Honor Societies

Alice Lloyd Scholastic Society

The ALC Scholastic Society was founded to honor high scholastic achievement during the first two years of college.

Alpha Chi National Honor Society (AX)

Alpha Chi is a national honor society. The Alice Lloyd College Chapter of Alpha Chi is known as the Kentucky Eta Chapter. The purpose of Alpha Chi, Kentucky Eta Chapter is to stimulate and recognize scholarship, sound character and service to the mountains; to foster the purpose for which Alice Lloyd College was founded; to stimulate ambition for intellectual achievement; and to encourage a desire to serve Alice Lloyd College and the mountain people.

This campus-wide honor society affords proper recognition locally and nationally for qualified juniors and seniors who meet its high standards. Both active and honorary membership may be awarded by members of the society.

Special Emphasis Weeks

Special emphasis weeks are sponsored by the appropriate department and include guest lectures, film presentations, radio and television programs, and exhibits.

Student Publications

The Campus Voice

The Campus Voice is a weekly student newsletter that publicizes campus events, news items which impact the student body, sports events, student birthdays, and weekly cafeteria menus. Copies are distributed to students, faculty, and staff via e-mail and are published online. Click here to access the latest edition of The Campus Voice.

The Talon

A student staff is responsible for the publication of ALC’s yearbook, The Talon. ALC students are able to apply each year for membership on the staff. Staff members are responsible for taking photographs, doing layouts and copy sheets, selling ads, etc.

Intercollegiate Athletics

ALC students celebrating at a basketball game

Alice Lloyd College is a dual member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Christian College Athletics Association (NCCAA). Through the NAIA, Alice Lloyd College participates in the River States Conference (RSC). 

Whether you are an athlete or a fan, you’ll enjoy the competition our teams bring to the ALC campus. Students have free admission to all home events. ALC offers intramural sports for additional athletic involvement. The Grady Nutt Athletic Center includes a 1,500-seat gymnasium and the Student Center has a well-equipped weight room and two racquetball courts.

Student-athletes at Alice Lloyd College must be in compliance with all College and NAIA guidelines for eligibility. Student-athletes must pass a minimum of 24 hours of coursework during their last two terms of attendance, and must demonstrate progression toward a degree in accordance to College and NAIA regulations.

Currently, an entering freshman must be in compliance with at least two of the three following academic standards to be eligible during the first-year of college: a minimum 18 ACT composite; a minimum 2.0 GPA; and a top 50 percentile ranking in their graduating class.

Student-athletes must also be in good social standing with the College in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Student-athletes are expected to sign an agreement to comply with Alice Lloyd College’s policy on alcohol and drug usage.

Men’s Varsity Basketball

Membership in the NCCAA and RSC provides eligibility for post-season tournaments and promotes inter-conference competition. Non-conference teams are also included in the schedule. Junior varsity competition is scheduled with junior varsity teams and junior college teams in the area.

Women’s Varsity Basketball

Membership in the NCCAA and RSC provides eligibility for post-season tournaments and promotes inter-conference competition. Non-conference teams are also included in the schedule.


The baseball team plays an active NCCAA schedule. A spring trip south is usually included in the schedule. Junior varsity competition is scheduled with other junior varsity and junior college teams.

Softball (Women’s)

Competition is scheduled among RSC, NCCAA, and other non-conference opponents in the spring each year.

Cross Country (Men’s and Women’s)

The cross country teams participate in both conference and non-conference meets during the fall semester.

In recent years, Alice Lloyd has added programs for Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Golf, and Men’s and Women’s Tennis. Cheerleading and Dance are also available for those interested in cheering or dancing non-competitively for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The College also has programs for intramurals and collegiate fishing.

For more on Alice Lloyd Athletics, please visit our Athletics pages.