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Fundraising Projects

Each year, Alice Lloyd College must raise $2.1 million, in addition to endowment earnings, to meet the current operational budget. Along with that amount, $1.9 million is needed to meet the scholarship needs of Appalachian students. Capital projects and programs require additional funds. All of these projects are essential to enabling Alice Lloyd College to continue to provide a high-quality education to students. The projects are transformational and geared toward enhancing student learning by upgrading facilities and improving on-campus living conditions.

Alice Lloyd College accepts no direct federal or state funding, charges no tuition, and, by definition, incurs no debt. Your assistance with one or more of these projects would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a list of projects for which support is currently being sought.

The Brown & Green Building

Brown & Green was constructed in 1964. The building got its name from being made of green lumber and painted brown. Through the years, the Brown & Green Building has served in several capacities, including as the Business Office, Dean of Students’ Office, the Student Store, and Registrar’s Office. Today, our Student Work Office is housed on the second floor. The first floor houses our “Christmas Pretties” department, a pottery and craft shop, and a laundry room. At 49-years-old, the wood is rotted in areas, the flooring is weak, and the interior has mold. A new structure can be built for less than it would cost to renovate the existing building.

The cost for a new facility is estimated at $850,000.

McGaw Library

The McGaw Library was constructed in 1980 to meet four-year accreditation standards when ALC made its transition to senior college status. In recent years, we have upgraded the first and second floors of the facility, and, this year, completed renovations to establish a Center for Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Learning on the second floor.

Work that remains includes:

•    renovate 1st floor restrooms
•    replace doors and hardware
•    replace entry and stairway flooring and base, and
•    replace furnishings for the lounge area

•    replace the porch ceiling
•    install new exterior lighting
•    install pavers and fixed benches at the existing planters
•    install metal handrails at the steps
•    paint the exterior, and
•    update the monument sign to include “Center for Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Learning”

Renovation cost: $250,000.00

Carrick Hall

Carrick Hall was constructed in 1967 and is 46 years old. This women’s dormitory has 15 rooms and houses 52 students. It is in great need of improvements. Repairs were made to the roof in the fall of 2012. We now need to upgrade the living spaces by replacing shower stalls, sinks, exhaust fans and lighting. The pipes leak around the sinks, and there are other upgrades needed to enable us to maintain an adequate housing environment where our students can live and study.

Renovations will include making the facility ADA accessible, which will require an elevator. In addition, we will replace the existing HVAC with geothermal. Making these improvements will help confront rising utility costs by upgrading plumbing devices and installing the latest water conservation fixtures in the bathrooms. We also need to replace the carpet in the dormitory rooms.

The project is estimated at $1.25 million.

Davis Student Center

The Jerry C. Davis Student Center was constructed in 1993 and houses our “Hunger Din” cafeteria, which is in need of complete remodeling. In addition to replacing the worn finishes, new planning is needed to utilize the limited space to better accommodate a growing student body. This renovation will include new flooring, ceilings, lighting and paint in the dining area and throughout the building. The current HVAC will be upgraded to geothermal.

The cost is estimated at $2.5 million.

Campbell Arts Center

The Campbell Arts Center was constructed in 1988. This 25-year-old facility needs to be brought up to a 20-year standard and will include renovations to the interior, new flooring, new carpet, new ceilings, lighting, and paint. The seating in the auditorium will be repaired or replaced, and the stage area needs to be renovated to meet ADA compliance. A new stage curtain is also needed. The existing HVAC will be replaced with geothermal, and the equipment will be installed to correct deficiencies in the buildings make-up air.

The cost is estimated at $2.0 million.

Lilly Memorial Hall

Lilly Memorial Hall was constructed in 1981. Over the past two years, much work has been done to bring this women’s residence hall up to a 20-year standard. The facility has reached its maximum capacity. Our plans are to construct an addition, which will enable us to relieve overcrowding and extend our student enrollment. This project will provide apartments with 4-bedroom units (50-bedroom addition) to accommodate from eighty to one hundred students, and will include additional toilets, showers, and service space.

The cost is estimated at $4.0 million.

Convocation Center

The Grady Nutt Athletic Center was constructed in 1976. This 37-year-old structure is nearing life expectancy and has limited indoor recreation space. We need a larger facility to accommodate our graduation services and special events.

Over the years, the building has experienced a lot of wear. The swimming pool area has deterioration and structural corrosion from the high humidity levels and chlorine. The limited indoor space restricts competitive recreation and fitness activities. Our plan is to raze the facility and construct a Convocation Center. This center will provide seating capacity for approximately 1,700, with additional space for a stage, classrooms, and faculty and athletic offices. An aquatic center will be integrated with the Convocation Center. The new building will have geothermal heating and air, along with de-humidification equipment.

The cost of this project is estimated at $8.0 million.

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