Alice Lloyd College

Financial Aid FAQs

Can I afford to come to Alice Lloyd College?


How can you guarantee my tuition?


Am I required to complete my FAFSA in order to receive grants/scholarships?


What grants/scholarships do I qualify for to help cover my expenses at Alice Lloyd College?


Does Alice Lloyd College offer scholarships?


How much money will I need per semester?


What is a Financial Aid Package?


How much money will I need for books?


I received an outside scholarship, should I report that to the Financial Aid Office?


Are grades and academic standing important?


When should I file my FAFSA?


What is verification?


Transfer Student


How am I notified of what Financial Aid I am eligible for?


If you accept the award:


If you accept only part of the award:


Who do I contact if I have questions?


How, when, and where do I receive my Financial Aid?


What are my rights?


What are my responsibilities?


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