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by Neeley Greene, ALC Student Writer

46 individuals, including ALC and JBS students and staff, parents, and healthcare professionals, traveled to Guatemala from May 18 to 25. The week-long trip was organized in collaboration with Catalyst Resources International, and CRI housed all 46 members in its facilities.

The group traveled to the developing country to do missionary work. In a local village, team members built and painted houses, conducted medical and eye clinics, and held a Vacation Bible School.

For some members, this was their first opportunity to partake in mission work and discover a new passion. “I was trying to find my purpose. Going to Guatemala and being Jesus’s hands and feet allowed me to discover that purpose.” ALC Senior Hadley Craft said.

“Just being able to go there and put a smile on their faces really meant a lot to me.” ALC student Hannah Craft said. “Just for something as small as giving a child a toy car, any way we were able to help them just brought them so much joy.” 

Apart from serving the Guatemalan community, the group also had the opportunity for travel days. Some members explored the city of Antigua, while others had the opportunity to hike a Volcano. “Climbing Volcano Pacaya is a must when traveling in Guatemala. Experiencing one of God’s masterpieces while riding a horse up and then sliding down volcanic ash is something truly unforgettable.” ALC Alum Misty Wooton said.  “The views are beautiful, and the memories made with our group were priceless.”

All in all, team members agree that the trip was a blessing and a life-changing experience. 

“Guatemala was the most humbling and uplifting thing I have ever experienced.” ALC student Hannah Stidham said. “Guatemala changed my life just like Jesus can change yours.”

The group is planning to travel back again next year.