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Alice Lloyd College was recently featured by National Public Radio (NPR) in the article “Here’s How 2 Schools Have Made Free College Work – For Decades.” The feature proposes whether or not it would be possible to adopt ALC’s unique approach to education. The article begins by discussing ALC’s business model and offers other colleges tips to help offset the cost of tuition. One of the tips focuses on ALC’s approach to staying out of debt. For example, the College does not undertake a project on campus unless the resources are fully committed before starting it.

The article also mentions ALC’s Student Work Program. Students at ALC work up to twenty hours a week in various positions across campus to help offset the cost of their education. That, paired with the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship, a scholarship that guarantees the full cost of tuition to students from ALC’s 108-county service area, helps students graduate from ALC with low debt.

When the founder of Alice Lloyd College arrived on Caney Creek in the early 1900s, she found a group of people with little money but a strong work ethic. The area was desperate for learning and she committed her life to educate anyone willing to work for their tuition. Her dream has spanned several generations, touched multiple lives, and garnered national attention multiple times.

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