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On January 9th-11th, Alice Lloyd College Professors, Dr. Devorah Kennedy and Dr. Rhonda Smith-Daugherty, travelled to Honolulu, Hawaii to present at the 16th Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. The conference’s main goal is to provide the opportunity for scholars from all over the world to learn and share new experiences with each other.

Dr. Devorah Kennedy presented her research over “The Soul of Education: Educational Crisis in the age of big data and Administrative University”. As the Assistant Professor of Education and the Co-Director of the ALC Tutoring Center, Dr. Kennedy is constantly researching new topics pertaining to education, so finding time in her already busy schedule to prepare for her presentation was challenging. While speaking of the challenge she said, “I thought to myself ‘When am I going to have time to write my paper’, so just like my students I pulled a couple of all-nighters.” However, Dr. Kennedy realized that the conference was approaching fast and her work was not completed. Instead of backing out, she persevered as an example for her students of the importance of having academic dedication. Reflecting on her time at the conference she said, “I really enjoyed myself and I learned things I didn’t know about education.” After each eventful day, Dr. Kennedy found time to enjoy herself by watching the sunset over the ocean.

Dr. Rhonda Smith-Daugherty’s research was over a topic that she has been passionately devoted to for some time, which is titled “The Real Wonder Women: Aviators Jacqueline Cochran and Pancho Barns”. Her interest in this topic began while she was working on her doctoral dissertation when she realized that nothing had been done on the aviator Jacquelyn Cochran. Her research and work has not only taken her to Hawaii but numerous other conferences across the country and even one in Oxford, England. Unfortunately, when Dr. Smith arrived in Hawaii she became sick for the first 48 hours, but after seeking medical attention she became well enough to deliver her paper and even moderate a session. However, because of her illness, she was unable to do all the site seeing that she had wished to do, but she was able to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Dr. Smith commented on her moving experience at Pearl Harbor by saying. “It’s one thing to read about something, but actually seeing it allows you to gain a new perspective.” Even though the conference did not go exactly as Dr. Smith expected, she learned new critical thinking techniques that she plans to apply in her classes and was able to present her beloved research to a new audience.

The examples that the ALC professors set by not only teaching but conducting and presenting their own research is a wonderful model for students to aspire to. Professors such as Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Smith demonstrate that the never-ending pursuit and sharing of knowledge is instrumental in walking a purpose-filled life.