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by Han Gia Ly

Genny and Dr. YearyMy name is Han Ly, however, I go by “Genny.” I am from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and I am a biology major with a minor in chemistry. I came to the USA before my senior year of high school in order to study at Anchored Christian School in Bowling Green, KY. I had originally intended to enroll at a large university for my future career, but I ended up choosing to come to Alice Lloyd College. After studying here for a semester, my attitude and opinion of small schools was completely changed. I met wonderful, caring people, the small classes made it easier for me to interact with my peers and professors, and, most importantly, Alice Lloyd has helped me to grow both mentally and spiritually.

Alice Lloyd also offers many clubs and activities. During my freshman year, I joined the Social Entrepreneurship Club, which gave me great opportunities. I was blessed to have the chance to participate in the Sullivan Social Entrepreneurship Retreat in North Carolina. Along with many other ALC students, I had the pleasure to represent Alice Lloyd College on our mission. Also, it gave me the experience of working with other students from across the nation, and I learned how to build and develop business plans and ideas as an entrepreneur. It was a wonderful chance to meet people with great motivation and initiation, to practice my leadership skills, and to open my eyes to what I can do to make changes. I hope the mission of this club can be carried on by our student generations in years to come. I’ve also had the opportunity to help with tornado relief through the Allied Health Club and to conduct fundraisers for children and families in need through the IMPACT Club.

As I continue to learn, I dare to think more. I challenge myself to understand not only how science works and how to solve scientific equations and problems, but also to understand and be closer to society, philosophy, the people around me, and God. Being away from home makes me vulnerable, especially if I’m not in the right place. Knowing this makes me thankful to be at Alice Lloyd College and thankful for all the accomplishments that I have made here. ALC has unique features that cannot be found anywhere else. This is the nicest place that God could have put me in for my education, and it also serves as a wonderful second home.

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