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by Tessa Amburgey, JBS Senior

The June Buchanan School seniors spent Friday, November 18th, in Lexington visiting many wonderful places. Students were accompanied by High School Science instructor Simeon Brace and High School History instructor Larry Hayes at the Kentucky Horse Park and Museum, the Bodies Revealed Exhibit, and Henry Clay’s House/Cemetery. Seniors had a blast while learning new and interesting things about science and social studies.

At the Kentucky Horse Park and Museum, seniors spent time viewing past trophies and learning about how horses shaped America. They also toured a new part of the museum that was strictly dedicated to Arabian horses. There the JBS Seniors were able to use an interactive game to learn more about those horses.

Bodies Revealed was definitely an experience for the seniors! By viewing cadavers, seniors learned about and discussed the different bones, muscles, and other parts of the body that one would otherwise never have the chance to see. Students were able to observe carefully preserved human specimens. Students could clearly see the adverse effects of disease and unhealthy lifestyles on the body in a way that an ordinary textbook could not bring to life. Social Studies instructor Larry Hayes was quite pleased with the exhibit, stating, “We were able to see organs that were cancerous compared to a healthy organ, and the difference is so amazing!” Tessa Amburgey said, “It was a fun time for the seniors while they reviewed what they had learned in Anatomy.”

After visiting Bodies Revealed, JBS seniors traveled to Ashland, also known as Henry Clay’s house. With a tour guide, seniors walked through the house, learning more about Clay’s life and career as one of America’s great orators and statesman. Seniors concluded their tour and trip by viewing Clay’s monument/grave at Lexington Cemetery.