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The Alice Lloyd College Social Entrepreneurship Program (ALC-SEP) strives to connect motivated students with leaders in the area of social entrepreneurship in order to encourage students’ interest in this growing field and provide them with the resources necessary to succeed.  For this reason, the ALC-SEP is sponsoring a series of three Christian Forums on the ALC campus.

The last of these Christian Forums will be held on March 24, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cushing Hall Auditorium.  The featured speaker will be Mr. Bill Tuttle, who will be discussing using innovation in social entrepreneurship.  Topics to be covered include examples of product innovation, which ideas and products are patentable, how to write a patent, and requirements for manufacturing and marketing a product.  A prototype demonstration will also take place.

Mr. Tuttle graduated from Caney Junior College in 1961.  He then received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Eastern Kentucky University.  Immediately after college, he began working at Sylvania, a world leader in lighting products, and was employed with this company for thirty-seven years.  Mr. Tuttle has served on numerous committees, obtained 27 patents, and received multiple awards for innovation.  He currently serves as a member of the ALC Alumni Board of Directors.  Additionally, his work in manufacturing led him to South Africa, where he developed a method which improved the process of mining gold from granite rock.  Mr. Tuttle’s work background and life experience are sure to make this an insightful and thought-provoking presentation!