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On Thursday, February 8th, Alice Lloyd College hosted its fourth annual Staff vs. Intramural basketball game at 1pm in the Perry Campus Center’s main gymnasium.

The game began with an annual introductory video showing the Dream Team (ALC Staff) hard at work…. relaxing? Dream Team stars John Never-Miss Mills and Charles Flops-a-lot Marshall engaged in leisure activities instead of preparing for the high stakes game (winner gets nothing but bragging rights).

The game opened with Dream Team star (and last year’s leading scorer from 3) Scott Cornett winning the tip and getting the ball out to Mills. The first half action started slow, with each team primarily shooting (and missing) deep 3-point attempts. Dream Teamer John Mills regressed considerably from last year’s performance, notching only 1 free throw in the contest. His nickname, Never-Miss-Mills, left spectators wondering if he got it from his shooting percentage, or never missing naptime. Flops-a-lot Marshall didn’t contribute in the first half either, but did remind the audience of his nickname. Neither of his 2 flops in the contest resulted in fouls being called, even though the Dream Team’s opponent racked up an astonishing 15 fouls. He did, however, contribute 2 3’s in garbage time in second half action, helping the Dream Team pull off a 46-35 victory that sounds more impressive than it was.

The Dream Team settled into the first half and got the ball rolling with their 3-point shooting. After his first failed attempt, Dream Team newcomer Andrew Crawford put the team on his shoulders and drained 2 deep 3’s in a row. Crawford would miss the rest of his shots, but Scott Cornett would make up the slack, adding 2 3’s of his own and a devastating block late in the first half. At the end of the half, the Dream Team found themselves down 24 to 19 thanks to bad defense and worse shooting.

The Dream Team found their groove in the second half with help from second half heroes Mary Turner and Adam Slone. Turner Gave the team a much-needed spark with a layup to begin the second half, nailing a second shot minutes later. Slone built off his 2 points in the first half, adding 8 more in the second and becoming a rebounding machine. What Slone lacked in shooting he made up for in total offense and defense. Playing the entire second half, Slone picked up a whopping 11 total rebounds, 7 offensive, 5 defensive. Only Scott Cornett and Ryne Loggins came close to matching his rebounding ability with 6 each.

Despite the first half shenanigans, the Dream Team showed up to play and ultimately found a way to win in the second half, maintaining their perfect record, 4-0, against the Intramural Champions. No doubt the Dream Team will be back next year with the hopes of making it 5-0 and proving once again that they are the superior athletes on campus.

For Dream Team Game Stats, click here.

Cheesiest Home Video: Dream Team (maybe stick to practice instead of hot tubs and bologna sandwiches)
Plays/Sequences of the Game:

  • Scott Cornett blocks a shot in the first half
  • Teagan Hall makes a layup in the second half
  • Andrew Crawford drills 3’s from deep in the first half
  • Adam Slone dominates the duration of the second half

Second Half Stars:

  • Mary Turner
  • Adam Slone
  • Charles Marshall

Most Accurate:

  • Teagan Hall: 100% shooting percentage
  • Kala VanHoose: 50% shooting percentage

Most Valuable Player: Adam Slone (10 points, 11 rebounds)
Defensive Player of the Game: Scott Cornett (6 defensive rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal)
Offensive Player of the Game: Adam Slone (10 points, 7 offensive rebounds)

  • Runners Up: Scott Cornett and Andrew Crawford (each scored 6 points)

Team Player: Nathan Hall (led both teams with 1 assist)