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Earlier this week, a winter blast hit East Kentucky, dropping five inches of snow in Pippa Passes and causing temperatures to plummet to single digits. ALC was closed on Tuesday, January 16, due to unsafe road conditions and dangerously cold temperatures. However, that didn’t stop the Grounds Crew! This group of student workers, responsible for maintaining our campus,  layered up and got to work removing snow and ice, salting sidewalks, and ensuring that students, faculty, and staff could navigate campus safely. a group of students who are responsible for maintaining the campus

Zachary “Willy” Willis, an ALC junior on the Grounds Crew said, “My favorite thing about grounds is being able to work for and with the best people on campus.” Alice Lloyd College is a work-study college where all students work as a condition of enrollment in various positions across campus. Students assigned to the Grounds Crew worked extremely hard during this week’s winter weather to clear campus and make it possible for classes to be held on Wednesday.

 “A huge ‘Thank You!’ to our Grounds Crew for diligently working to clear the snow from our campus. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and we appreciate their commitment to keeping our campus safe and accessible,” said Provost Charles Marshall.