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To further enhance the College’s commitment to student success in our centennial year, Alice Lloyd College President Jim Stepp announced the iPurpose initiative during the fall semester. As part of a new initiative, President Stepp announced that all full-time students would receive new technology from the College. 

Beginning this semester, all returning and new full-time students will receive a new, 9th generation iPad. Junior Kinesiology student Kolby Combs says the iPads are an invaluable tool for students. “The iPad will make studying for my upper-level courses easier than before. I can use the iPad to take and save notes in class and access online versions of my textbooks without carrying them with me. With this technology, the College has given me access to everything I need to succeed in my classes right at my fingertips, wherever I am.” Kolby adds that he plans to attend physical therapy school after completing his degree from Alice Lloyd, and being able to keep his iPad after graduating is a major benefit. Kolby appreciates Alice Lloyd College and the College’s commitment to student success. 

The iPurpose initiative will continue with new students receiving the technology each semester, as we continue to provide the best learning environment for years to come. The College is grateful to our generous donors for making a high-quality education possible for deserving mountain students. Without our nationwide support, improvements like this would not be possible.