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by Micah Turner, Student Writer

On Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, Alice Lloyd College Theatre (in association with ALC’s Alpha Psi Omega) will present its annual Christmas radio play, It’s A Wonderful Life, an adaptation of the original story by Philip Van Doren Stern. This classic 1940s production follows the story of George Bailey and his guardian angel, Clarence, as he shows him just how wonderful the gift of life truly is after a series of events leads George to the point of throwing it all away. We hope you’ll tune into 91.7 WWJD-FM or join us in the Campbell Arts Center as ALC Theatre brings this Christmas classic to life! Remember students, attendance will provide a convocation credit, the second to last of the semester, so take advantage of it! The broadcast will begin at 7:00 pm so don’t be late!

Alice Lloyd College Theatre has collaborated with many departments in order to prepare and has cast and crew members represented from all backgrounds. This semester’s cast has a wide variety of experience levels– including some students who have never been in a show or play before. Countless individuals have put many hours of work into the prep, practice, and structure of the broadcast. The preparation for this play has been unique. Since the play will be presented in a radio-style, they will be only using their voices and emotions to bring the characters to life. Despite the challenges, the production process has been a fun adventure full of learning experiences and valuable memories.

Once again, we hope you tune in to 91.7 WWJD-FM or join us in person at 7:00 pm Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. Christmas comes early this year through the heartfelt storytelling of ALC’s greatest actors, something you won’t want to miss!