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Alice Lloyd College’s Voices of Appalachia Choir embarked on their first tour since 2019 last month. The Voices performed across 3 states starting on May 11th and concluding on May 18th. Mrs. Wendy Saylor and Dr. Mindy Rubin shared the conducting responsibilities during the trip and were happy to share their story with us.

 After a three-year hiatus from touring, the Voices of Appalachia were nervous about their first tour performance at the First Baptist Church in Camden, Tennessee. The choir had performed at several campus and community functions leading up to and preparing them for the tour, but the sizable crowd and new setting had them feeling antsy. On the journey from Pippa Passes to Camden, the group sang songs together and played games and, by the time they finished sound checks, their nerves were eased and they were ready to perform.

The opening tour performance went well and set the tone for the remainder of the trip. The Voices became more comfortable as the tour progressed and performed in harmony with each other.

Wendy and Mindy are proud of the student’s accomplishments and the bond the group formed during the tour. The Co-Conductors are grateful for the tour’s hospitable hosts and the experiences they provided. The students enjoyed spending time with hosts and meeting new people during the trip.

The Voices of Appalachia tours are wonderful opportunities for the choir members to visit places they had never been and they are made possible by gracious donors and hosts. During this spring’s tour, the Voices were able to attend an East Texas Symphony Orchestra concert in Tyler, Texas. Wendy and Mindy remarked how great the exposure was for the group. The friendly people the Voices of Appalachia met along the way made for an unforgettable tour.

Tour Dates and Locations:

  • May 11 @ 7 pm- First Baptist Church, Camden, TN
  • May 12 @ 7 pm- First Baptist Church, Pine Bluff, AR
  • May 14 @ 3 pm- African American Museum, Tyler, TX
  • May 17 @ 3 pm- Conservatory at Alden Bridge, The Woodlands, TX
  • May 18 @ 7 pm- Crossroads Baptist Church, The Woodlands, TX

Choir Members:

  • Soprano-
    • Madison Adams, Sr, Jeremiah, KY
    • Jaelyn Sanford, Sr, Harlan, KY
    • Madison Sizemore, Jr, Manchester, KY
  • Alto-
    • Gracie Padgett, So, Waynesburg, KY
    • Lindsey Saylor, Sr, Harlan, KY
    • Machaela Short, So, Welch, WV
    • Sydney Thompson, So, Pippa Passes, KY
  • Baritone-
    • Bob Saylor, ALC Faculty Member
  • Co-Directors-
    Wendy Saylor and Mindy Rubin

Click here to learn more about the Voices of Appalachia Choir and click here to read more about the Voice’s May 14th performance in Tyler, Texas. Be on the look-out for next year’s tour dates and locations!