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Kaitlyn Bogar is a first-generation college student from Hardy, Kentucky. She first heard about Alice Lloyd College through a family friend who attended ALC in the 90s. She is a senior pursuing a biology major and a chemistry minor at ALC. Through ALC’s work study program, Kaitlyn works in the business office, where she cleans, organizes paperwork, answers and transfers calls, and sorts and delivers mail and packages for faculty, staff, and students. During the past summer, Kaitlyn volunteered at a local tax office, earning even more work experience. Kaitlyn is grateful for the work study program and says that working in the business office helps her pursue her passion and makes her feel “useful and fulfilled.” 

When she was in high school, Kaitlyn’s father was let go from his job, and she wasn’t sure how she would afford a college education. Determined to find a way, Kaitlyn studied hard and scored a 30 on her ACT, which led to a Presidential Scholarship at ALC, and “lifted a tremendous financial burden” off her shoulders. The scholarship “has been a blessing,” Kaitlyn says, “has opened up many opportunities for my education.” 

Not only has Kaitlyn been awarded the Presidential Scholarship at ALC, but she has also been named to the Dean’s list, has received a work-study award, and has been accepted into the Leadership Education Program at ALC. She looks forward to applying to the Caney Scholars program because it will help her “tremendously” after graduating from ALC. If accepted, the College will help Kaitlyn complete her graduate program by offering financial support through cash scholarships towards expenses. 

Kaitlyn has always held an interest in science and enjoyed science classes. Entering ALC as an undergraduate student, Kaitlyn planned on becoming a dentist. During a convocation, however, a new spark was kindled. William Bass, a renowned forensic anthropologist from the University of Tennessee, spoke at the event about various cases he helped solve during his career. Kaitlyn was inspired by his career that “allowed him to help people” by providing closure about how loved ones passed. The convocation helped Kaitlyn discover her passion for helping others, and she knew she wanted to pursue a career where she could help people. Kaitlyn then completed a DNA Forensics course, which would become her favorite class at ALC, and a Genetics course that ignited the flame that changed her path. She was intrigued that “something as tiny as a droplet of blood or a single fingerprint could incriminate someone.” 

After graduating from Alice Lloyd, Kaitlyn plans to attend Marshall University’s Forensic Science graduate program. Through the program, Kaitlyn can study Crime Scene Investigation, Digital Forensics, DNA Analysis, and/or Forensic Chemistry. Although she isn’t sure which sector of forensic science she wants to pursue just yet, she will be able to take classes in all four areas of emphasis during her first semester at Marshall to help her discover which area best suits her. 

Kaitlyn is appreciative of ALC and recommends the college to others. Kaitlyn loves ALC’s small, “tight-knit community” that has a “friendly and welcoming atmosphere.” She says everyone at ALC “wants to see you succeed and will do whatever they can to aid you on your journey.” Her favorite part about ALC is the long-lasting friendships she has formed here. She loves to hang out on campus with her friends and reflect at the end of each day.

Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. June understood the importance of providing an affordable, quality education to students like Kaitlyn. Through the student work program, scholarships, and support from donors across the country, Alice Lloyd College continues its century-old mission. ALC’s values have helped students like Kaitlyn find their path and become a light unto the mountains.