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The Campbell Arts Center

On Monday, March 1st, heavy weekend rains caused flash flooding throughout most of Eastern Kentucky and mudslides and debris from fallen trees deemed many roads impassable. Unfortunately, Caney Creek was not spared, and nearly four feet of water and mud accumulated on the first floor of the building that houses both The June Buchanan School and The Campbell Arts Center. A mudslide behind the building caused water to pour in from the third floor, damaging the entire facility as it worked its way down. Supplies for students were lost, such as books, computers, and televisions.

Also, the recently renovated Campbell Arts Center was found partially underwater. Over the previous two years, renovations included a new heating and cooling system, all new seating and lighting, new flooring, and a new stage. Students from both The June Buchanan School and Alice Lloyd College typically utilize CAC for plays, presentations, and awards. The space is also used for speaking engagements, the ALC convocation series, music events, and other large gatherings on campus.  

While the campus community was shocked to see the damage, no one hesitated to get to work and assist in the clean-up. When the building was deemed safe, the ALC grounds work-study crew entered the building and began to clean the mud off the floors. JBS and ALC students, along with parents and local community members, volunteered to help JBS teachers carry out desks, books, and supplies.

A hallway in JBS

The Purpose Road Philosophy teaches we are here to serve others while serving God. In that spirit, Amanda Clark, Dean of The June Buchanan School, rallied her teachers and local community members to find a way to continue education. “The pandemic has already caused our students to miss out on so much; I knew going virtual wasn’t going to be an option this time. I wanted to get them back in their seats.” With help from students, teachers, parents, and friends near and far, in less than one week, a makeshift school was built in the auxiliary gym of the Perry Campus Center.

Throughout several challenges over the years, Alice Lloyd College has thrived because of the service given by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends. Though the weather has altered campus, education continues on the banks of Caney Creek. However, the job of restoring The June Buchannan School and the Campbell Arts Center is only beginning. The College has a long road ahead, and you can help by praying and visiting to decide the best way for you to support the youth of Appalachia.