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by Abi DobsonStudent Contributor

On August 15th and 16th, students returned to Caney Creek to begin the fall 2020 semester. As the coronavirus pandemic cut the 2020 spring semester short, ALC was excited to welcome home faculty, staff, and students.

“After we went five months without having students on campus, it feels great to have them back with us. Our faculty, staff, and students have shown an outstanding amount of support and cooperation of the new rules associated with the coronavirus pandemic. I look forward to the opportunities this new semester holds for our students,” said Academic Dean Lafie Crum.

While many universities across America are planning for virtual learning, Alice Lloyd College is going above and beyond by establishing and enforcing safety precautions so campus life can continue. Various safety measures exist across campus, such as seating charts in classrooms, the proper use of PPE when social distancing is not feasible, and sanitizing and cleaning according to CDC guidelines.

The new guidelines are encouraging to students as they begin the school year. Freshman Kelsey Hall said, “It feels good to be back in school and to be on campus for the first time.”  Returning students are glad to be back on campus. Sophomore Samantha Bryant said, “After an extended summer vacation, I guess you could call it that, I’m thrilled to be back on campus and to have some sense of normalcy back in my life, as I’m sure everyone else is. While it may be an inconvenience to some, wearing masks and social distancing may be our new normal for a while. I’m just thankful we have a safe way to be around our loved ones during these difficult and uncertain times.”

Just as Alice Lloyd always strove to give the people of Appalachia a quality education despite the difficulties life may sometimes bring, the College continues to follow her example during this time. By facing the new semester with a purpose, a goal, and a vision, the Eagles will continue their walk down the Purpose Road.