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On December 8th, Alice Lloyd College’s Campus Ministry along with several community members delivered over 100 blankets to the residents at both the Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center and the Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center. The project idea was inspired by the young daughters of Campus Ministry Coordinator, Mary Turner, Audrey and Averie. Her daughters participated in Save the Children program this past summer that encouraged each child to make three blankets for the residents. Though, Audrey noticed some residents did not receive a blanket, so she asked her mom if they could make enough for all of the residents. Knowing how large a task it would be, but not wanting to crush her daughter’s dream, Mary said yes.

To help accomplish such a task, Mary engaged the students in ALC Campus Ministry to assist her. Following an inspiring first visit to the nursing home earlier this semester, the students were more than willing to help. Quickly, excitement for the project spread around campus causing other clubs and organizations to volunteer. In addition to the clubs and organizations, The June Buchanan faculty, students, and parents also wanted to lend a hand, so they bought and made over 50 blankets for the residents. Campus Ministry Student Coordinator, Bristol McGee, states about the project, “I believe that the blanket project is one of the things I prayed for before I even knew what it was.” In addition to the blankets, Campus Ministry also handed out Christmas cards to the residents that many ALC and JBS students signed.

In Neon, Kentucky, Angie Gibbs, a mother of an ALC student, heard about the blanket project and was motivated to contribute. Organizing members of her church, she gathered together with countless others to make over 25 blankets. Angie Gibbs explained why her church felt led to do this saying, “If a little girl can dream it, a few little communities can come together and make it happen.”

With the outpouring of support from the community, the project has indeed happened. Campus Ministry had more than enough blankets to distribute to all the residents in Knott and Perry County nursing homes as well as other nursing homes throughout the area. The community service project shows that the joy of Christmas can be found through the simplest acts of service, such as providing a blanket that warms both the body and heart.