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To some, Hindman, Kentucky, is just another small town, but to the students at Alice Lloyd College, it is just like home. Every year, the students spend at least fifty percent of their life in this community and have grown to know it as a second home. Recently, the students of ALC decided to show the community how much it means to them.

Various Alice Lloyd students set off Thursday, May 11th, 2017 to help give back to the community of Hindman. The students gathered flowers donated by the college and set off to the more centralized area of Hindman. Near an intersection in downtown, the student began planting flowers, much to the pleasure of various community members. Many residents stopped to tell the students how much they appreciated the work they were doing.

The students understand that service to their community is not about recognition. Sophomore history major, Matthew Kiser remarked, “it was really good to get out and help the community.” Wyatt Martin, a sophomore secondary education major, further summarized the group’s mindset by simply stating, “We take pride in our college and our community.”

For the remainder of the summer, ALC students will continue to tend to these flowers and actively participate in “Adopt-A-Flowerbed”, a program organized by the city of Hindman.