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Kala - SpotlightKala Thornsbury, a junior at Alice Lloyd College, is from Lowmansville, Kentucky. Reigning from a large family, Kala understood the importance of finding a college that shared her values and high morals. Kala had decided early on that she wanted to pursue a degree in Business Administration, even taking classes during her high school career and graduating from Lawrence County High School with a thorough understanding and passion for the business world.

The problem for Kala was never knowing what she wanted to study, but instead where she wanted to earn her degree from. She looked into several schools, but remembers that only one stood out beyond all others. She says, “I felt like I was given a sign to attend ALC. It was like God was telling me, ‘This is where you will find your next journey.’” The naturally beautiful aesthetics of ALC’s campus is what caught her attention first, but the college kept her attention when she learned about the work study program. Kala says, “I knew that by attending ALC that I would be able to focus on my academic success without having to stress over the financial burden that often accompanies college students.” In addition to this, Kala loved the fact that she would be able to have the complete college experience and still be close to home.  

Since being on campus Kala has become involved with several organizations and has even taken on leadership roles within them. One organization she takes pride in being a part of is ALC’s Phi Beta Lambda, in which Kala serves as the committee’s treasurer.  In addition to playing a vital role in PBL, Kala is also the Student Supervisor for the Marketing and Communications Department for her work-study at ALC. Student supervisors are not only held to higher expectations, but also work twice as many hours as the other students on campus. Being named student supervisor is a high honor, as there are only thirty some students on campus at a time who hold these positions. Despite the fact that she has to work more often, Kala says that she enjoys her work study. She loves getting to meet and learn from such wonderful people as she works alongside the Director of Marketing and Communications. However, the work environment is not the only place that feels like family to Kala. While working on her degree she has gotten to know her professors in the business department very well. She appreciates the fact that they not only care about her academic success, but her well-being as a whole. She says, “I know I can go to them if I need help with anything at all. The faculty and staff at ALC are so supportive of their students.”

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Upon graduating from Alice Lloyd College, Kala hopes to use her business major to open up her own bakery or restaurant in Florida. She has always loved to bake and she believes this would be a great way to do what she loves while successfully running her own business. Kala believes that other students should make ALC their home away from home because of the small student-teacher ratio. She adds, “I am so grateful that I chose ALC. I wouldn’t want it any other way!” For Kala, Alice Lloyd College is a school like no other and has become her home away from home.