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Honors Day Convo

Alice Lloyd College held its annual Honors Day celebration on Tuesday, April 19th. During this special and time-honored assembly, students were recognized for their superior achievements in academics. Numerous awards were handed out for excellence in specific subjects and majors. Other prizes were also given, including the Billie and Curtis Owens Writing Awards and the Scholar-Athlete Awards. Awards for special achievements made by students in various organizations and community service projects were also announced.

President Joe Alan Stepp delivered an address in which he noted a number of changes coming to the campus for the fall of 2016. The construction of a new JBS daycare facility is scheduled to be built at the head of campus by August 1st. A student recreation area will be created in the space between the current PPPD offices, located in the Gloria House, and the Carrick Dorm. This area will serve as an outdoor activities area for ALC students.  Both men’s dormitories, Howard Memorial and Burger-Auen, will undergo repairs to their roofs. The president also announced that a twelve million dollar construction of a Campus Center is in ALC’s near future. The Campus Center will increase ALC’s educational, fitness and recreational facilities.

“Honors Day is an opportunity for the faculty, staff, and students at ALC to come together to recognize the achievements of our best students,” said Claude Lafie Crum, Alice Lloyd’s Academic Dean. “So many of our students excel in academics and demonstrate such a strong character, and it truly was a privilege to celebrate those achievements with them.”

Alice Lloyd College is extremely proud of the successes of its students. Below is a list of all the day’s honorees.

Humanities and Fine Arts

Art –Shantel Gonzales

Billie & Curtis Owens Writing Award –Fiction

1stJason Ritchie

2ndIan M. Hall

3rdNatalie Romeo

Billie & Curtis Owens Writing Award – Creative Nonfiction

1stLydia Bickham

2ndElizabeth Rumschlag

Billie & Curtis Owens Award – Poetry

1stIan T. Hall

2ndSamra McKown

3rdHillary Davenport

English – Clay Montgomery and Kimberly Cook

James V. Mongiardo Speech Award

1stNatalie Romeo

2ndDalton McCown

3rdTessa Amburgey

Theatre – James Lewis and Noah Blair

VoA Alumni Award for Dedication and Excellence – John Driskill

Natural Science and Mathematics

Biology – Michaela Woodall

Melvin and Mae Kibler Award in Chemistry – Michaela Woodall

CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement – Noah Blair

Donald John Bettinger Chemistry Scholarship – Seth Adams

Dr. Anthony Stumbo Pre-Med Scholarship – Avery Shrum

Dr. Walter Herman Isler Award – Alyn Smith

Kinesiology – Elizabeth Langlois

Mathematics – Matthew Lawson

Whitfield Cobb Award for Statistics – Alyn Smith

Social Science

Outstanding Senior in Business Administration – Sarah Woolridge

Whitfield Cobb Award for Statistics – Matthew Huffman

Alice Geddes Lloyd Leadership Award – Tonya Perry

Jean H. Ingles Award – Victoria Nairn

The Fred J. Becker Award in Business – Dakota Boggs

History – Olivia Hubbard

Sociology – Brittany Newsome

Whitfield Cobb Award for Leadership Education 101 –Dakota Boggs & Jay Marson


Edward Madden Award for Outstanding Education Student – Kimberly Cook

Knott County Retired Teachers Association Award – Kaitlin Calhoun

Physical Education – Sports & Fitness: Brianna Osborne, P.E.: Tyler Kilburn

Student Teacher Award Sponsored by the Class of 1982 – Jason Riche

All-College Awards

George I. Alden Scholarship – Maranda Rowe, Savannah Adams, Lauren Baker, and Jessica Collins

Ruth S. Preston Scholarship – Savannah and Seth Adams

Robert C. Thacker Endowed Scholarship Award – Ian T. Hall

The Alice Lloyd Scholastic Society Award – Sarah Bailey, Lydia Bickham, John Driskill, Austin Estridge, Daina Gilbert, Noble Johnson, Matthew Lawson, Zachary Marcum, Hayley Mills, Desiree Shelton, Angela Shepard, Nicholas Short, Savannah Sizemore, Cody Smith, Matthew Thompson, and Courtney Yates.

Kentucky Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi – Seth Adams, Savannah Adams, Maegyn Bates, Kaitlin Calhoun, Kristen Campbell, Tara Combs, Paolo D’Amato, Kristyn Densmore, Kristen Fitch, Lindsey Gilbert, Keniston Grizzell, Kianna Hall, Kyler Hazelett, Oliva Hubbard, Chasity Hunter, Joshua Johnson, Alexandra Kyle, Elizabeth Langlois, Kelsey Logdon, Brittany Lyons, Kaelyn Martin, Katie McFarland, Clay Montgomery, Brittany Newsome, Rachel Rice, Avery Shrum, Jacob Sifers, Oliva Tyree, Megan Williams, and Makayla Williamson

Kossuth M. Mitchell Scholarship – Kristyn Densmore

Katherine Anne Haigler Memorial Award – Stephanie Stapleton

Alice Lloyd College Scholar Athlete Awards Sponsored by Dr. David Martin – Megan Jones and Zachary Crawford

Shirley Bradley Haws Memorial Scholarship Award – Madison Mooney

Earl and Eleanor Holbrook Endowed Scholarship – Amberlee Markwell and Samuel Kilburn

Will & Edith Hayes Freshman Leadership Award – Braxton Blair

Bobby Moore Endowed Award – Racheal Runyon

Campus Spirit Award Sponsored by the ALC Alumni Association – Tyler Kilburn

Campus Community Award Sponsored by Hindman Lions Club – Sarah Woolridge

Thelmarie M. Thornsberry Endowed Scholarship Award – Kasie Wallace

Fred L. Mullinax Leadership Award – Dakota Justice

Judy Ann Howard Memorial Award – Hailey Champion

Sharlee Wright Memorial Award – Paolo D’Amato

Warren P. Hilleke Scholarship Award – Amber Reynolds

Harold M. Finley Endowed Award – Sarah Woolridge and Racheal Runyon

Barbara Thomas Most Improved Student Scholarship Award – Fall ’15: Meghan Herald, Spring ’15: Amber Shepherd

Ella M. Geddes Servant Leadership Award – Jacob Sifers and JeeSuk Choe

Mary Mildred Sullivan Award – Savannah Reynolds

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award – Zachary Crawford

Joseph and Irma Derderian Stepp Outstanding Senior Award – Savannah Adams and Zachary Crawford


Click here to view photos from Honors Day 2016!