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Alice Lloyd College and its promise to provide a low cost, quality education to Appalachian students in our 108-county service area has once again received national recognition. A recent article from USA Today highlights Alice Lloyd College for “The Best Way To Avoid College Debt? Go To A Tuition-Free School.” The article cites ALC’s unique model in guaranteeing the full cost of tuition to students willing to earn an education. According to Executive Vice President Jim Stepp, “If a young person has academic ability, is not afraid to roll their sleeves up and work for what they get and has good character, then money is not an issue.”

When Alice Lloyd settled on Caney Creek in 1917 her goal was clear: she wanted to educate the Appalachian children and do so at little to no cost to them.  Alice Lloyd believed that the children of Appalachia were some of the “brightest and best,” and felt they deserved a quality education. To make that goal a reality, Alice Lloyd established a grade school, high school, and with the help of June Buchanan, the Caney Junior College, later named Alice Lloyd College.

Today, the College continues to carry on the mission originally established by Alice Lloyd. With the help of charitable donations and the work provided through the work program, Alice Lloyd College is able to offer a no out of-pocket-cost tuition to qualified students who live in a 108-county service area in central Appalachia. Our tuition guarantee, named the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship, attracts high quality students from the central Appalachian region. With this guarantee, students are able to graduate from the College with little to no debt.  Eighty-two percent of graduates return to work, serve and provide leadership to the Appalachian region.