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by Natalie Gibson, JBS English Instructor/Public Relations

JBS MG Academic Team
During the recent Middle Grade District Governor’s Cup Competition, the June Buchanan Crusaders won big. This victory marks the second consecutive year that the Crusaders have won the District competition. Individual winners were as follows:

Math: Anika Thacker (4th), Dalton Hylton (2nd), Cage Watts (1st)

Science: Cage Watts (3rd), Max Miller (2nd), Kassidy Everidge (1st)

Social Studies: Grant Stivers (3rd), Kassidy Everidge (2nd), Nich Slone (1st)

Language Arts: Dora Stanley (4th), Riele Holbrook (3rd), Samantha Bryant (1st)

Arts & Humanities: Hope Watts (4th), Max Miller (3rd), Samantha Bryant (1st)

Composition: Nich Slone (4th), Anika Thacker (3rd), Kassidy Everidge (2nd)

Future Problem Solving: 1st place for second consecutive year (Team members: Riele Holbrook, Jaden Pugh, Hope Watts, Nik Cornett, Madison Huff)

Quick Recall1st place for fourth consecutive year (Team members: Grant Stivers, Max Miller, Jaden Pugh, Riele Holbrook, Hope Watts, Nik Cornett, Nich Slone, Samantha Bryant)

We would like to thank everyone who helped us prepare for this competition, including our coaches Mrs. Cindy Hall and Ms. Natalie Gibson, our FPS coaches Mrs. Deb Holbrook and Mrs. Lisa Stepp, Mr. Paul Sturgill, Mrs. Amanda Clark, Mr. Richard Bowers, and all the parents of our team members who volunteered to help and continually give us vital moral support.