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Alice Lloyd College is prepared to hold its annual “Honors Day” on Tuesday, April 16th. This special day is set aside each year to recognize superior student achievements in various academic disciplines. This convocation is widely regarded as one of the College’s most time-honored traditions. During this assembly, which is attended by all faculty, staff, and students, Alice Lloyd’s “brightest and best” are called by name.

Opening remarks will be delivered by President Joe A. Stepp. Following his address, the audience will be treated to a performance by the Voices of Appalachia. The rest of the convocation will feature a host of awards being given to those students who have achieved excellence in specific subjects and majors. Other prizes will be handed out, including the James V. Mongiardo Speech Award, the Billie and Curtis Owens Writing Awards (in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction), and the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award (for a male and female student). The Berger Scholars will also be announced, along with special achievements by students in various organizations and community service projects.

Please join us for this important and festive convocation tomorrow at 1 PM in the Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts on the campus of Alice Lloyd College.