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The June Buchanan Crusaders chose to “turn pink” to honor and observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), which is celebrated during this month of October. It is the belief of JBS faculty and staff that educating students about this very important health issue empowers them to live their lives with care and concern for those who fight major battles with breast cancer.

JBS students gathered in the meadow for prayer and to reflect upon the many lives of those who have died from this terrible disease. In her prayer, JBS instructor Judith Mullins reminded fellow faculty and students about the importance of continued prayer for a cure and for strength for those fighting cancer, cancer survivors, and victims’ families.

Since the inception of NBCAM in 1985, the organization has partnered with The American Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research in terms of its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. This month of celebration has led many personal, business, and group endeavors to do their part in showing victims that there are those who will go to battle with them by raising money for research, helping to cover medical expenses, and much more. It is the hope of JBS faculty and staff that students will take the knowledge they have gained and use it to educate family members, encouraging them to exercise effective methods of breast cancer prevention, such as regular self–exams and mammograms in order to detect the disease at its earliest stages.