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On September 19th JBS grades 4-8 traveled to Camp Nathanael for the annual fall Outdoor Education Program.  This year, the program’s theme was “Celebrating Climate & Seasons…Delightful Diversity.”

Students were broken into color–coded groups and visited ten stations, which allowed them to learn more about how the climate and weather of specific geographical locations affects the culture, food, tools, jewelry, clothing, etc., of various groups of people. The stations were called “Weather or Not,” “Amazon Flight,” “Weather Station,” “Weather Myths,” “The Orient,” “Europe/London,” “Africa,” “Costa Rica,” and “Polar Lands.”  Students were taught by members of Camp Nathanael’s staff who have worked in missions as teachers, camp workers, or ministers.  Grace Henderson, a JBS instructor, also teaches at the Outdoor Education Program each year for students in surrounding counties.

The children traveled round robin on the grounds of Camp Nathanael accompanied by JBS instructors Heather Hammonds, Tara Reynolds, Judith Mullins, Karen Bailey, and student teacher Rebecca Mangus.  Students toured various “countries” along the campground inside Camp Nathanael’s cabins.  JBS instructor, Karen Bailey states, “I think it’s awesome that students are able to visit a place like Camp Nathanael. Not only do students gain an education through learning important content, but they also receive the content in a fun and interactive fashion which emphasizes God’s creation and His purpose for our lives.”