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Sixth and seventh grade students at The June Buchanan School recently had the opportunity to visit the WYMT-TV station in Hazard, KY.  Students were given a thorough tour of the station, including the news room and film set.  After learning how news stories are selected, filmed, and produced, students were able to take a gallery walk of the Master Control Room.  Students were then shown the process for airing our local news and TV programs.  They even got to see how the SnoGo computer program operates!

At the end of the tour, students were allowed to spend time on the set where the news and Sports Overtime are filmed, in addition to working with the green screen used during weather reports.  The students then took turns reading a sample news story in front of the same camera our local anchors use every day!  The visit concluded with a question and answer session.

JBS students left the studio with a much better understanding of the hard work that goes into television news reporting.  One JBS instructor commented that, “It’s important for students to know how our area receives and reports news.  Students often have misconceptions of how this process actually takes place.  It’s great to have access to WYMT.  Who knows?  We may have a budding journalist or reporter among us!”