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The KCCHS Art Department, under the leadership of Ms. Carolyn Gibson, recently held an assembly to honor the winners of the Gingerbread Festival Art Contest.  Students from all the elementary schools in Knott County competed in this contest.  The June Buchanan School had wonderful representation in the contest, and placed 2nd overall for the number of winners from JBS!!  The JBS Art winners are as follows:{nl}1st grade:  {nl}James Sparkman (1st  Watercolor), Kyle Hofsess (3rd Watercolor), and Cassie Combs (2nd Watercolor)                   {nl}2nd grade:     {nl}Riele Holbrook (1st Watercolor, 1st  Chalk, and 1st  Black & White)                        3rd grade:    {nl}Nick Cornett (3rd Watercolor), Kassidy Everidge (Honorable Mention Watercolor), Kason Hofsess (1st  Watercolor), and Nick Slone (2nd Watercolor){nl}5th grade:     {nl}Ruby Yeary (2nd  Watercolor) and Amber Bailey (3rd Watercolor)                   7th grade:        {nl}Tyra Short (2nd  Watercolor){nl}A special congratulations to Elizabeth Bentley (8th grade) and Channing Everidge (8th grade) for a great showing in the Gingerbread Art Festival Contest!  {nl}Elizabeth Bentley and Channing Everidge{nl}Channing won “Best Overall” for both oil painting and color pencil drawing.  Elizabeth won “Best Overall” for black and white, as well as “Best Overall in the Show.”  Their art work will go on display at the Kentucky State Fair in August, where they will be competing against the top art work from students across the Commonwealth.{nl}In addition to the art contest, the Gingerbread Festival also sponsors a Penmanship Contest.  The following JBS students competed against a total of 129 entries from Knott County.  The JBS Penmanship winners are as follows:{nl}1st grade: {nl}Kyle Hofsess (1st), Morgan Kunkel (3rd), and Gavin Thompson (2nd){nl}5th grade: {nl}Maui Hall (2nd), Dalton Cornett (1st), and Sydney Thompson (3rd) {nl}6th grade:   {nl}Hunter Hylton (3rd){nl}8th grade:   {nl}Matt Thompson (2nd) and Kirstin Handshoe (3rd){nl}Congratulations to all these talented young students!