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Co-Teaching Training Documents and Videos

Beginning September 1, 2013, prior to student teacher placement, a cooperating teacher shall receive training approved by the Education Professional Standards Board and provided at no cost to the cooperating teacher by the educator preparation institution which shall include the following components:

(a) Basic responsibilities of a cooperating teacher;
(b) Best practice in supporting the student teacher; and
(c) Effective assessment of the student teacher.

Each institution is responsible for being sure its cooperating teachers are trained in best practices for supporting the student teacher. Since all Kentucky student teachers are required to co-teach during their student teaching experience, the basic elements of co-teaching are included in this component.

Several programs across the state have collaborated on trainings to address this requirement, and other programs are providing their own trainings. Either way is fine, but the trainings do have to be approved for the cooperating teacher to be considered “trained” on this element.

Documents associated with the training:

ALC Student Teaching Handbook (pdf)
Co-Teaching Information
Regulations (pdf)
EPSB Regulation Highlights
Co-Teaching Strategies
Co-Teaching Resources
Kentucky Teacher Standards
KTIP IPR Interactive Fall 2011
Common Core Resources
Directions for EDMODO
Survey to Complete Training Part B (required)
Part C: Cooperating Teacher Information (pdf)

Training Videos

Training Video Part 1


Training Video Part 2


Training Video Part 3


Training Video Part 4