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Minor in Speech Communication and Theatre Arts

Alice Lloyd College Humanities Division

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As the study of communication and theatre arts is firmly grounded in the liberal arts, the inclusion of an academic minor in the field would seek to foster creativity, critical thinking, professionalism and leadership through the integration of courses, productions, workshops, and other activities. As a branch of the humanities, communication and theatre arts emphasizes the communal relationship between practice and scholarly study. Communication and theatre arts skills are transferable to many career paths.

From the Campus Crusaders, who represented Caney Creek Community Center on their fundraising tours of the United States, to the dozens of students who address convocation audiences today—there is a long and rich tradition of public speaking and dramatic performance at Alice Lloyd College. Public speaking is an integral part of communication studies. Correspondingly, ALC has produced dramatic works for many decades, providing theatre to both the campus and surrounding community. Today, communication and theatre arts prospects on campus abound for students interested in pursuing an academic minor in the field, including opportunities to perform in theatrical productions (including student productions and showcases), introduce guest speakers, organize and present at student events and convocations, lead school groups and other guests on campus tours, host radio programs, and represent ALC student organizations at state, regional, and national conferences. In terms of traditional events held on campus, students may participate each spring semester in a main stage theatrical production in the Campbell Arts Center or the Annual James V. Mongiardo Speech Competition, one of ALC’s endowed awards.

The Speech Communication and Theatre Arts minor is open to all students regardless of their designated major. A minimum grade of “C” in each course is required, plus the major program to which this minor is supplement.

Minor Requirements

Speech Communication and Theatre Arts / 21 hours

Required/ 15 hours: COMM 126, COMM 215, COMM 230, and THEA 161.
Choose one course from THEA 301, THEA 380, and THEA 460

Choose two courses from BUS 240, COMM 201, COMM 225, COMM 301, COMM 320, COMM 330, COMM 350, COMM 460-462, ENG 311 or 312, THEA 162, THEA 301, THEA 380, THEA 460 or 461 and THEA 462-464. 


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