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The ALC Marketing Team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kelcie “Logan” Smith. Logan is a 2017 graduate of Alice Lloyd College and will be attending medical school at Lincoln Memorial University in the fall. During her time at ALC, Logan was involved in the Allied Health Club, Student Rural Health Association, and Phi Beta Lambda.

ALC: Where are you from? What high school did you attend?

Logan: I am from Manchester, in Clay County, Kentucky. I graduated from Clay County High School in 2013. I graduated 12th in my class and I was a member of the Beta Club and Kentucky Youth Association. I actually made the decision to attend Alice Lloyd College very early in high school.

ALC: Tell us about your family.

Logan: I have a very supportive family that has always encouraged me to do my best in anything I do. My mother, Rhonda, is my hero and best friend. She is a woman that I have strived to be as strong and independent as my whole life. She’s a huge motivator for me.

ALC: Why did you choose ALC?

Logan: I chose ALC because of its location and size. It’s close to home, so I felt comfortable. Also, with the size, I knew that I would be able to build personal relationships with a lot of the faculty and staff and develop close relationships with my fellow students. The size also makes the environment seem very homely and comforting. Alice Lloyd really did become a second home for me.

ALC: You’ve been accepted into medical school. How has your time at ALC prepared you for that?

Logan: The science curriculum here is very challenging but well worth it. Some of the professors set up their tests to mimic ones that I will encounter in the future. It taught me how to study, both individually and with a group of my classmates – which is an important skill I will use when I go to medical school. It also helped me with time management. It’s important to learn how to juggle different subjects and different tests.

ALC: Have you always wanted to become a doctor?

Logan: I have always wanted to help people – to make people feel better in whatever capacity that I can. I pride myself on being a compassionate and passionate person, and I will do anything in my power for anyone that I care, or am caring, for. I see so many loved ones struggle with their healthcare and its accessibility, and I want to be able to make things easier for them and for others as well.

ALC: What are your plans once you graduate from medical school?

Logan: Once I become a doctor, I’m not sure what direction I will take next. I have narrowed it down to a few different options – family practice, pediatrics, psychiatry. I fully intend to return to the Appalachian region. This region is important to me. It helped shape me into the person that I am… it’s a part of me. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of serving and giving back to the area that gave so much to me.

ALC: You recently applied and interviewed to become a Caney Scholar. Did the Caney Scholars Program play a role in your choice of ALC?

Logan: The Honor’s Program and Caney Scholars Program definitely played a part in my decision to come here. I was blessed to be awarded the Geddes Scholarship as an incoming student. I think the Caney Scholar program is a wonderful thing, and I think it really showcases how much this school and our donors want ALC graduates to succeed and to help them achieve that success. I will always be grateful for being able to be a part of it.

ALC: Let’s talk about the Student Work Program. How has it prepared you for the future?

Logan: I had the opportunity to work in three different areas during my time here, each with its own different required skills and objectives. I think, most importantly, the work study program really helped instill a solid work ethic for me. It made me want to do my best for the school and for my supervisors. I learned to deal and work with many different types of people and situations. It was also the foundation for many of my most important friendships I made during my time here.

ALC: As you previously stated, you knew you’d be able to build personal relationships with the faculty and staff at ALC. Who was most influential to you during your time here?

Logan: Our registrar, Dana Dotson, without a doubt was the most influential person to me. I can’t tell you how many times I went into her office during a semester just needing her words to reassure me that everything was going to be okay. She is one of the sternest but most caring individuals that I have ever met, and I know that when she said she was proud of me, she was being 100% genuine. I always say that I wouldn’t have graduated had it not been for her, and I will stand by that statement. She helped me gather my classes and my mind so many times, and I will forever be indebted to her for that. She is so much more than the registrar to me.

ALC: Looking back at your time here, what would you consider your favorite thing about the College?

Logan: My favorite thing about ALC is the people. I made, without a doubt, the best friends of my life here. It truly became my home and they became my family. That’s something that I will never trade or be able to replace.

ALC: Anything else you’d like to add?

Logan: I will forever be thankful for this half-mile road and the purpose that it has given me. I have grown, learned, and found myself here. I would just like to thank everyone at ALC that took an interest in me or helped me along the way and made a lifelong impact on me.