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By Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Savannah Minor 1“If you want to graduate from a college that is notorious for preparing their students for life after a bachelor’s degree, then choose Alice Lloyd College,” says junior Savannah Minor.

Savannah, from Garrett, Kentucky, graduated from Knott County Central High School in the spring of 2012. After scoping out multiple colleges, she quickly selected Alice Lloyd College. “It’s close to home, and was much cheaper than my other choices.” Savannah is majoring in biology with a goal of becoming a physician’s assistant.

The Caney Scholars Program, which financially assists students while they are in professional or graduate school, also caught her attention. Savannah plans to continue her education by earning her MSPAS (Masters of Science and Physician Assistant Studies) degree after graduating from Alice Lloyd College.  The Caney Scholars Program is a one-of-a-kind program which allows ALC graduates to live rent-and utility-free in a dormitory in Lexington, Kentucky or receive a cash stipend each semester.

In the meantime, Savannah spends her free time diligently studying, which has earned her a 3.89 cumulative GPA, three semesters on the Dean’s List, and two semesters on the President’s List. Savannah has also earned recognition in Who’s Who Among Students.

Savannah says that she is also thankful for the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship which guarantee the cost of her tuition at ALC. Savannah now works in the library as a part of the College’s work program. Savannah appreciates the work program, saying, “My work study assignments have taught me to have a strong work ethic.” Savannah also spends time serving as the Vice President of the Allied Health Club.

Making the decision of which college to attend can be stressful. Savannah advises high school students to evaluate all the choices they have before making a decision. “Make sure you choose the college for the right reasons: a good education, not a good time.” Savannah will be able to graduate from ALC with little debt so that she can focus on pursuing her dream of becoming a physician’s assistant. We can’t wait for Savannah to be back in her hometown doing what she loves!