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by Alexa Ortiz, Sophomore/Sociology major

Alexa Ortiz

Alexa Ortiz

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in the suburbs. After I graduated high school, I took a semester off from school to work so that I could help pay for my future education. While watching Good Morning America, Alice Lloyd College was featured in a segment about the ten most affordable colleges in America. This piqued my interest, and, after completing my research, I knew Alice Lloyd was the right choice for me.

Though I am not a resident of Alice Lloyd’s 108-county service area, the cost of my tuition, room and board is far cheaper than what it would be at another institution.

I visited campus during one of the College’s Eagle Day Saturday events, and from that time forward, I was ecstatic to begin my college career here. Not only were the faculty, staff, and students friendly and welcoming, but I was known by name, not by a number. Having an average class size of twenty students provides a better learning experience than what I would be apt to find at a larger university. The professors here are always helpful and supportive. I’ve also come to greatly value Alice Lloyd’s character-based education. The Christian principles that are integrated into campus life played a big factor in helping me make my decision to come to ALC.

I had always known that I wanted to work with children somehow; so, when I first registered for college, I entered with a declared major of education. Later on in the school year, I came to realize that an education major was not for me. The following semester, I was enrolled in my first sociology class and loved it. Pursuing a career in social work was clearly the right path for me, and the faculty and staff supported my decisions and helped me to make the right choices to come to this conclusion.

Coming from the big city of Chicago to the small, rural community of Pippa Passes was a bit of a culture shock at first, but I love experiencing new cultures and environments. The Appalachian region is now one I consider home. I came here not knowing any of my classmates, but that easily changed when I branched out and worked to meet people on campus. I started attending Caney Student Ministries (CSM), and have grown in my faith ever since. I was baptized at the end of my first semester and am so thankful that I have found God through attending Alice Lloyd College.

Not only do I attend church services, but I am also a Resident Advisor here on campus as part of the Student Work Program. I am currently an RA in Lilly Dorm and enjoy it immensely. My leadership skills are put to the test as I deal with great responsibilities and duties, such as enforcing our campus rules about “quiet hours” and curfew, assisting with dorm supervision, and effectively communicating with other students in order to make sure that they have an enjoyable and safe semester.

The student population on campus is like no other. Since Alice Lloyd occupies a very small campus, you really get to know all of your classmates. It’s true when people refer to our campus community as a family, and let me tell you, it is a family that you can depend on.

As a declared sociology major, I am taking the necessary courses I will need to secure my dream of becoming a social worker. I plan on graduating in the spring of 2016, and I hope to apply to the Caney Scholars Program so that I can attend the University of Kentucky for my master’s degree.

I know that attending Alice Lloyd College will fully prepare me for my future, and I can’t wait to give back to this beautiful region and its people. Alice Lloyd College wasn’t only my best option; it was the right one!

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